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Moon called Review

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series #1) -

Moon called


Characters: Many many many of them. However even with all of them there are two readers can always remember Mercy and Adam. Mercy is our main character she is independent, a shapeshifter, good with weapons and only submissive when absolutely need be (ie. Around a werewolf pack). She's defendantly something different from the normal read. She makes mistakes, she's in her 20s at least, She's strong and hot headed rarely relays on others like Bella from twilight would for example. She also isn't afraid to go for help when need be. Adam is the Alpha of the tir-cities pack, he's in his 30s but looks younger and has a daughter. Of course there are others like the rest of the pack, a vampire, a witch, a fea and some baddies. Remembering who's who can be a challenge but as far as characterization goes? You really get the vibe these characters are so three demitnal and real right up there will The characters of “The wolves of mercy falls” these characters pop A


Story: Sucks you in from page one and doesn't let you go though it does slow here and there like a car going at 90 then slowing to a 20 in a 35 zone then speeding back up to 90 again. This story is gripping with twists and turns and a big fat mystery waiting to be solved. A new wolf walks into Mercy's shop and it snow balls from there, Mafia like baddies, betraying, a kidnapping, a conspiracy. The tip of the ice to an action packed series of wow. It's hard to get an exact point on what makes this story so different. The story is unique yet it feels fimiler, Some readers have never heard of this book and yet this is no stranger. Part of what makes this book so different is the lack of sex “The last vampire, black blood, and red dice” Had more sex then this and that was a YA book. But thats part of it's charm it shows that not all adult books need smut to get readers. B


Cover: Yeah, Mercy would probably hit the artist with a wrench if she saw this” -TV tropes. Had to be quoted. Shiny silver cover with mercy in front of some gates. The only nitpick would be well mercy doesn't dress like that at all and likes to be covered with little skin showing C

Rating: Adult 17-29 give or take

Company: Ace books

My rating : 4 of 5. Wha? Yeah 4 of 5. I loved this book but it wasn't I couldn't put it down five star good and it went too slow sometimes. But I am going to countiue the series despite the fact I didn't out right LOVE it but I know the reason I think if I waited before reading it I would have enjoyed it more. I'm going to get a little YAR in me (Young adult romance) before continuing the series