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+ Anima vol 1

+Anima, Vol. 1 - Natsumi Mukai




Art: Brilliant not your usual shonen very kid like it has the same style as any fantasy manga very pokemon meets tsubasa everything is in perfect balance A


Characters: Cooro, husky,senri and nana. Cooro is hilarious he is a very funny bird kid like luffy with wings he can't be serious for a minute and everything he says is with a smile he is a crow anima. Husky is the more serious one at 12 years old (guess) and a fish anima he is very charming and cute but stubborn and childish at times. Senri is a bear anima who is very silent and likes pressing flowers. Last but not least nana the bat anima who has a rough life and didn't get on husky's good side. All the characters are very well introduced and each giving a chapter overall very nice and memorable characters A+


Story: The story is very magical and unique. Admittedly for the first book it is very cliché you know the hero gets all his group members together but behind that the story really is unique. Cooro a bird boy is looking for other +anima to join him in a world of prejudice and people who hate +anima. Similar to maximum ride except without the sense of urgency the story is very addiction even though the characters motivations or reason for the journey has yet to be explained its only book one so they will probably get explained later on A


Cover: The cover is odd because you have to turn it on its side to see it properly. But the cover its self is really well done with cooro and husky cooro has his wings out with husky in the back with his light blue hair and eyes and gray cape thing B


Rating: T for teen

Company: Tokyopop

My rating : 5 of 5 I love husky! Is it wrong to love a fictional shirtless 12 year old fish boy who is fictional? Point is I love him and can't wait to read vol two. Yes I am so counting this series even though I probably won't review the rest though I might give a longer character analyses similar to what I did with the couples thing on my other blog once all the books are read that is.