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The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4) - Rick Riordan

The battle of the Labyrinth review


Characters: Percy, Tyson, Grover, Annabeth, Luke, Nico, Tyson and grover are merely side character here and haven't really changed in a way that can be reviewed. Nico has changed since he first appeared in book three finely looking older (about 15 or so) dressing something between goth an punk and honing his abilities and he has a wicked sword he went from a bitter boy holding a grudge to a young man who learned how to let go and now has friends. He can also disappear and appear at will which is cool. Luke changed in this and not for the better what happens to him is a spoiler but it will put everyone on edge. Annabeth is growing up here she is trying to let go of luke and yet still sees him as she did when she was a child that is her struggle and her feelings for percy as well she has matured slightly. Percy is the only one who hasn't changed much his personality is still childish and it is hard to see him as 14/15 when he is still acting 12 B-


Story: Fight, travel, meet a God or Goddess, issues, fight, seems to be a random mini quest, more fighting, end This is Rick riordan's formula and while it works great for a hook for the first book by book four you want something different. The mythes involved where actually well thought out and not put in there just because the story of the labyrinth is a classic and well known as is the story of ikurus while some things are a little too far fetched even by children's book view point it was a good plot element. Sadly it was a roller coster with subplots and characters there is the continuing sub plot of pan though out the books and while this is solved once and for all it seems like an unnecessary sub plot after all that happens another little sub plot is one character might actually like like someone! And this character is a bully sadly this went no where which is a shame because it could have been really good.

As for characters Percy is still percy and annoying a lot of what he says and does seems like he is 12 again annabeth has grown slightly but even with her you can't tell she has actually matured more like angst ridden in fact the only character you see grow in this story is nico a side character we know little about in book three. Over all this book is riddled with plot points and such that really could have been better off with out C+


Cover: Red with percy looking over the coffin with red mist coming out of it a really good cover the only downside is the the maze in front of percy, if the bad guys had this mini maze they wouldn't have needed the string in the first place they obviously didn't have this so it wasn't in the book so why it is on the cover is anyones guess however despite that slight mishap this cover is pretty and eye catching C+


Rating: MG/Young YA


Company: Hyperion books for children



My rating : 3 of 5 I love nico at first I wasn't sure but considering he sounds goth and hot and well the last description of him won me over in the end. Other then him the story was so trivle and it seemed like it was forcing harry potter book 4 with the battle from book 6 into one story. You don't feel too bad for anyone except...a dog....yeah you feel bad for a dog and nico a bit but you should feel a hit of something and it never comes lots of questions and no answers. This book is suppose to be a book building up to a big fight (remind you of anything?) but unlike that series this one does a bad job at it I didn't feel the “omgosh whats going to happen to them?” more like “I wonder if they will show more nico” This book took me seven days to read which while not the longest time is quite pitiful when book 1 and 2 only took me four days. People keep saying the books got better as they go on but I'm not seeing it. There is only one book left which is why I'm finishing it like I am. After this though I'm going to lay low on Rick riordan books