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Crusade - Nancy Holder, Debbie ViguiƩ
Crusade Review
Characters: Jenn, Holgar, Antonio, Eriko, Jamie, Skye, Father Juan, and a cast of more then them. Jenn is a non religious girl from California, Holger a werewolf , Antonio is the Catholic English speaking but spanish vampire, Eriko is the super strong Japanese Buddhist, Jamie the hot headed irishmen, Father juan the catholic priest who dabbles in Magicks, and Skye the Wiccan witch. While at first it is hard to distinguish who's who. You then slowly peel back the layers and learn a good amount about each member from there nationally, family life, and religious stand point. These are characters that while you could pin with stereotypical character behavior at the same time you can't they are so realistic. Each character is loveable and despicable makes you cheer, laugh or face palm. As a group they are dysfunctional and at one point its very NCIS team like in explaining them. Yet as dysfunctional as a group as they are when one is apart from them you can tell it throws them off and you love them all together even more for it. B+
Story: Action, adventure, strong rateable, loving characters, mystery Crusade has it all. Crusade is everything “Rampant” should have been characters you can related to with a sensitive topic weaved thought out with out being preachy about it. Action more then small talk doesn't hurt. The world building was amazing. Rich and realistic at times you will have to remind your self that its not real it feels that real everything fit the description of New Orleans, or the way things are in spain compared to America really makes you want to visit (or not) those places. The writing and plot were well done however when you first start (and when some twists are reviled) you will be doubling back to make sure you got everything or to connect the pieces. The beginning especially while not slow is confusing we are thrown all six or seven characters all at once with out given a chance to place names to faces. But if you keep reading everything and everyone gets sorted out. The writing is done well in third person switching third person POV between eight of the characters. While one characters POV seems highly unnecessary the others are done really well and gives us a chance to see things from their shoes which makes us like or hate them more. The plot goes in seven different plot points Jenn coming into her own, the group getting along, a rescue, a black op mission, what the enemy wants and why, the way the world is turning out, then something else at the end as well as “someone” is a traitor. As some people might guess out of those six three are handled but sloppy, two are thrown at us from no where and the last one seems very big lipped alligator moment. The Action is everywhere and while it is done well and keeps you hooked it gets almost headache inducing trying to keep up with the last three or so chapters of fighting. However despite all this the book is unputadownable after a while and not in a “Divergent” story kind of way where you have to have it on you but more in a “Can't stop thinking about the characters” kind of unputdownable.
Another thing the story does right are the characters and their back stories. At times it will feel like a back story comes out of no where but at the same time getting a glimpse at all six of these characters is really something else and their stories you will remember. The last thing the story does well that “Rampant” failed to do was talk about something with out it being preachy and hitting you over the head with it in this case the sensitive topic is Religion. Religion is highly explored in crusade, Catholic, Wiccan, Voodoo, Buddhism, or not having a exact religion or faith. All handled with tact even some like the Voodoo was handled well for some one who is a catholic or christian reader and cringes at the description of their ritual is handled with tact when one character is probably mirroring what a reader might be feeling another says “Voodoo is very unusual to us, but not to them” and that put everything in perspective. This tact however is not applied to the seemingly fictional religions such as the werewolves “worshiping” the moon as well as the vampires Worship of many deities.
The only nitpick would be characters were mentioned obviously impotent however we don't get to see how or why. We get shafted on Jenn's family after a major “omgosh” yet also cliche scene.
But with all its faults this is a fast, fun, action packed, character focused, realistic world of a story B+
Cover: Shiny, eye catching and dark. This would make any goth proud to have on their shelf its shiny and dark with the cross and wort iron gates with blood red scattered though out the title and the cross is raised so you can feel it when sweeping your hands over it. Very reminiscent of the opening of the Vampire knight anime B
Rating: YA
Company: Simon pulse
My rating : 4 of 5 Best $3.99 cents every spent (although my grandma got it for me still best $3.99 ever spent on a book) Funny I have to admit I thought it would be the other way around that I'd hate this and it would be a 50 page bust and I'd love the other one. But nope I Loved this one half way though I knew I'd have to read book two. The characters were rich and enchanting while I did have trouble with the plot near the end I still can't say no to reading book two the characters were that good. Like most group stories you dislike one there's always another so even though jenn bugged me... I loved Holgar and its probably because he reminds me a little or Warren from the Mercy Thompson series I admit I also liked Jamie at times (when he first came on the scene I disliked him and even considered him the traitor but as time went on her grew on me) he's a vualger, revenge seeking jerk but it wouldn't be the same with out him. Also he's an Irishman so cookie points