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King of thorn

King of Thorn 1 - Yuji Iwahara, 岩原裕二

King of thorn review

Art: Outstanding! The art is sharp like a shoene style very much like naruto or one piece it's fitting for this story of dark and eery tone A


Characters: While you don't get much personality from the characters past their stereotypes these characters are still fun and mysterious even the heroin Kasumi is mysterious we only know that she loved her sister very much, she is shy and a bit of a scarey cat, and she is where she is because her sister wanted her to be. Normally not knowing the characters personality's would be annoying but in this case it works towards their stereotypes and strengths. These characters are just as in the dark about each other as the readers are about them they play off of each other well enough that you don't care that you don't really know them or why you like/hate them so much one guy a fat politician is well annoying and you hate him because he is pushy and acts like a brat we get that though his actions and that how we know the characters and it works very well A


Story: 160 people go into a deep freeze sleep till a cure for the infection called “ the medusa virus” is found. The next thing they know they are woken up to thorns and animals and out of the 160 you only know that 6 make it out alive and now they have to trust each other if they want to live long enough to find out what happened. On the back this manga is labeled “action” which is correct but this is more then action this is sci-fi, mystery, dystopian, and psychological thriller all rolled into one nice manga. The sci-fi, action and dystopian are obvius but the mystery and psychological part not so much. There are many mystery weaved throughout the book what is this illness? Is it cured? Who are these people? What happened? What are those monsters? and the list keeps getting bigger from there this is like lord of the flies in manga forum it's dark and gritty and while dark the gore isn't splashed on every page and the launguge isn't as bad as some YA novels (one F-bomb) as the story goes on who they can trust and who might die gets harder to know. The book keeps you on your toes from not knowing what characters true motives are to being as left in the dark as they are really makes you feel like your apart of the story and you have to see what happens next. A+


Cover: Creepy and awesome. with kasumi on the front hugging herself looking scared or questioning, the mysterious tattoo man behind her and a monster behind him. the colors of dark offish purple and pink really add to the creepy factor of this cover and at the angle kasumi is at she looks cute like a mouse or bunny A


Rating: OT for older teens


Company: Tokyopop (out of business)



My rating : 5 of 5 I originally had a longer review but my email kicked me off and the draft thing didn't save it so I had to re write it from memory 5 hours later so it doesn't sound as authentic as when my feelings are fresh from finishing it sorry. Over all I couldn't find anything wrong with this book even all the issues are published and out and my library system has them all so I can't complain there like I was going to. This is a great manga for dystopian fans or fans of the “put X amount of people in X situation and see how they cope” fans