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Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3) - Suzanne  Collins





Characters: Katniss, peeta, gale, haymitch, Katniss no longer the girl she was back in the hunger games shes dealt with more and grown up more lost and loved she is still a good shot with a bow and arrow she is still a gem in this world of YA literature where the heroin will cry because her boyfriend left her katniss is not like that when she breaks down she has good reason to, Peeta gone though heck and back his screen time is limited but even limited he is still tragic, Gale, strong, powerful, vengeful and maybe just to powerful despite more screen time we almost learn less about him and everything all at the same time, Haymitch just..nothing else to add each character changes as does the relationships between characters they were not perfect and yet they were from point a to point z they really were worth more then what a simple letter grade means A+


Story: Fast past action, morals being challenged, death, fighting and casualties, Most of all emotionally draining the other readers were not exaggerating about that. This story picks up where number two left off. Everything will be tested the characters and the readers loyalty and love of some characters. This story is darker then all the others yes the others were graphic and dark but this one takes it to a worse way even more darker even more graphic but it just hits that PG-13 line nudging it almost to an R rating but not quite. The characterization is amazing and deep and real the story is gripping and gritty this is like reading the last harry potter book and like reading the last harry potter book you are left shaking and unsure with a bittersweet feeling. It wasn't perfect mistakes were made, characters changed and some moments were very put on a bus and vauge despite the fact that you know you want to learn more about what happens to them, Also some action was just a little too quick making you have turn the page back to make sure you didn't miss anything but still a ground breaking story non the less A


Cover: The Mockingjay has changed from brown to a stunning white with a blue background breaking out of the circle (district?) the pieces scattered down the mockingjay ready to take flight

perfect and the mockingjay is kinda creepy too A


Rating: YA (16+ Uping the age for this one although if read like harry potter one year at a time then its ok but we all know that doesn't work anymore)


Company: Scholastic



My rating : 4 of 5 Make no mistake despite my high grade for everything this book is not perfect I kinda rated the characters as a whole instead of basing on this bookonly I know thats bad but it doesn't feel right bashing katniss for her lack of action or peeta for his personality because thats not them as a whole as readers we know this and see this and as far as treatment for some of the characters sure I would have wanted more detail of why that happened and really that (and one other thing) is the only reason for the lack of star but as the same time this book is imperfectly perfect best way to discribe the almost bias rating on this one the flaws make it good. I had to force myself to stop reading otherwise I would have finished it in two days (the other books took me 4 days this proves the last one is addicting) I'm shaking and unsure of if Gale should go on my favorites list or not this is a powerful series. I am happy though that Team Katniss was the right team I'm sad and happy for both sides Gale is like Jack harkness I realized he will always be one of those characters you always add to your favorites list but at the same time can't say you love love because of some acts that kill morals. I'm so...lost and unsure for now none of them are going on the list why? Because I can't just slap a “I love them” label on any of the boys in this book. This is addicting and amazing and gut-wrenching real I can't review this one properly and now I see why others haven't reviews it.