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North of beautiful

North of Beautiful - Justina Chen


Characters: Terra, jacob, Terra's parents, Jacob's mom. These are the characters you question is they are real or if this is fiction. Terra is unlike any YA heroin in any book this reviewer has come across. She is a control freak, a trouble magnet and for once not a drop dead beautiful on the outside like so many are. She learns from her mistakes and doesn't depend on a guy or friends all that much she was her own and she grew and learned from her experiences. Her parents are also unique because they are actually a plot point in the story and in so many YA novels thats not so but thats because in real life we teens don't want to acknowledge our parents and what them to just be background characters, however; with this story thats not true. Terra's father is so many words but for a kid friendly term he's a jerk and you want to hit him but at the same time want to thank Mrs.Headley for placing him there to move terra's motivation and determination for a better life. Terra's mom is not only a plot point but also a main character instead of it being the BFF who supports the main char it's her mother. Jacobs mom is also a lively and supportive motherly character who breaks the ice when it needs to be. Then there is jacob the Description has him wrong because they label him as Goth and thats not exactly right because he is Goth in the sense of real goth who don't lable themselves. Jacob is jacob not a goth or a prep he just is he speaks only the truth and is full of humor he isn't dazzling ot pushes himself on her though she is dazzled by him he isn't trying to. Jacob black could learn a lot about well everything from this jacob A+


Story: This is a story anyone can relate to birthmark or no birthmark because this is a self discovery story as much as it is a story of family and friends with sprinkles of romance thrown in there. This story is life chaging it really makes you look at yourself and life in a new way. This story doesn't feel like fiction more like a story of someone's real life then fiction. This book has been categorized as a romance yes there is romance in it but thats not the focus this isn't twilight or shiver this isn't a full blow out lovey dovy story. Terra isn't a weak love struck puppy but a girl lost then found. Jacob isn't a pale night in shining armor just a guy who the lost girl. You can pick almost any chapter and you can find a life changing quote you can relate to A+


Cover: Terra with very plump lips it's a very nice cover it has the compass which is very important in the story the only nitpick is that is should show her birthmark since it's so Vidal to the story A

Rating: young adult

Company: little brown books

My rating : 5 of 5 I love this book! Low and behold I wish I knew a guy like jacob. But yeah I gained a lot from this book heck this book made me want to go geocaching, it was the first self discovery story that I read all the way though I normally shy away from coming of age novels but I'm SO happy I read this I learned so much and even made me reanalyze what it means to be a “real goth” and what exactly it is that I'm looking for