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Sand chronicles 9

Sand Chronicles, Vol. 9 - Hinako Ashihara

Sand chronicles 9


Art: Still as beautiful and fluid as ever it's real life shojo. It's not in your face big eyes and glittery glitz it just is soild and fluid ying and yang magic. A+


Characters: Since we last left them in book 8 nothing about them really changed we see more of what ann's mom was like and get a feel for what kind of person she is. All the characters are still pretty much the same and it's impossible to say what that is w/o spoiling something B


Story: These are side stories since Ann's story ended in vol 8. The first is about ann's mom from ann's mom's friend POV and how they were growing up. It really gives insight to how ann's mom was and her reasons for what happens in ann's story you really feel bad for her. Similer to vol 8 this half holds a deep meaning and lesson about life and love and you can take away a lesson or two from this story.

The second is about Ann's sister going to NYC with a character and running into someone ann knew thats all that can be said with out spoilers for books 1-8. As feared it wasn't the best though ann's sister did make it sweet. Like the story before it there could be a lesson pulled from this one too this wasn't the greatest of works but its not the worst. The last mini story in there about fuji and christmas really no lesson but a cute story non the less. Over all fans of SC who are scared that this will be disapointing don't be the stories are just as great as ever B

Cover: Ann and shika on a bed laughing everything is so soft and white and angelic A

Rating: OT for older teen

Company: Shojo beat

My rating : 4 of 5 only because I didn't like the summer vacation story that much but thats the only reason for giving it what I did one more story left