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The lightning thief

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #1) -

The lighting thief


Characters: Percy, Annebeth, Grover, and many more Percy is like any 12 year old, smart, funny, curious, quick a bit of a bone head but over all a good caring boy with a big heart. Annebeth is like the Hermoiane of this story she is smart and sweet and has a muggle parent but she also has issues as well although not as deep as what would be in a YA deep enough that you do feel for her. Last but not least Grover the syter or goat boy he is funny and kind and brave. Over all for a MG novel these characters are unique and amazing and likeable no matter what age you happen to be while reading about them A


Story: This is a universal story just like Harry potter any age can read this and fully enjoy and appreciate this story. It starts off slow but then picks up real fast into the “just one more chapter before bed” and then reading till midnight slot this is a story about acceptance and finding out who you are, friendship, loyalty and a whole bunch more. At the core this is an action adventure story with a bit of mystery, scandal, and a whole bunch of greek mythology if you know some greek mythology then you'll get the references and characters pretty quickly and if you don't this is a great introduction into greek mythology. This is a fun story and at the moment it is still in the MG slot so its not all that deep or complex yet but it is still intriguing and exciting and enjoyable. Percy is a likeable character although he can get on your nerves. annebeth is what YA heroines should be strong but vulnerable scared but smart and quick witted the only nitpick would be the looks of the Gods but considering this is disney publishing well...they did do Hercules and butcher it so lets just be thankful that didn't happen here B


Cover: Very green and childish it shows percy holding the sword and the minator horn while looking up at some lighting this cover is almost as iconic as that of harry potter but it really does nothing to draw the reader in unlike the other covers in this story C


Rating: MG (Middle grade um...8-12)


Company: Disney Hyperion books



My rating : 4 of 5 I thank my 9th grade teacher in high school for making us read the Odyssey by homer thanks to that I got a reference in the story that they didn't explain. I shocked myself and really did enjoy this book even though it is MG and even though it took me 5 days to finish it was still really fun and a really good time I picked up on the references quite quickly and saw some of the prophecy a mile away however it really was great fun. I noticed that this is like harry potter but reverse instead of them being excited for the school year and dreading summer they are dreading the school year and excited for the summer I am so going to countiue this series I apologize for not having much to say about this story after writing 13 reviews in a row I'm slowly losing momentum and most words other then “wow it was so fun” Hopefully I can get back on track in the next few weeks