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The maze runner

The Maze Runner - James Dashner
The maze runners review
Characters: Thomas, Alby, Newt, Chuck, Mihno, Teresa and a whole Glade of others. Thomas is Brave, foolish, smart, Alby is the leader, a hot head, Newt the loveable second in command but despite seeming “nice” can be as hard and commanding as the leader himself, Chuck the annoying but loyal friend, Mihno confident, smart, a runner, Tresa the mysterious new girl who's just as tough and has just enough sass to handle the boys. There is also a glade of other boys some named some not such as Fryingpan the cook, and the blood house keeper. You really start to feel for these characters despite knowing nothing about them as they know nothing about themselves however despite that there personality's and actions shine though showing what kind of characters they are making them rateable. When these characters learn something new you feel for them. That being said you might not care for them all the time. Chuck can get annoying, Thomas while a reliable narrator (for a third person story) can be a bit jumpy and doesn't question some things as much as he should. Despite all this even if you hated the story you'll want to read book two for the characters alone. B
Story: A Boy named thomas wakes up in a black box then things go crazy. The Maze runner is a tricky book. For one despite being action packed, full of mysterious and a stellar cliff hanger this is not a fast read. This story takes its sweet time although its only 374 pages and 62 chapters long. You get a layout of whats going on while not really having a clue. The writing is well done the descriptions enough to be able to picture the world of thomas and the others. The nitpick comes when the author gives you ten mystery's, only answers two, then gives you more by the end of the book. While one would assume these questions get answered in book two it's quite annoying to not have a fleshed out coherent story for book one. Yes the writing is good and yes this will not be a story for everyone while the world building is good you are reading it as if you to had your memory wiped as well making somethings go to fast, lots of questions un-awnsered, and at the end this was a set up story for something much bigger. While thats nice and made for an interesting read it also got annoying at times. The second thing while not really a nit pick is that most sci fi or just dystopian fans will crack the mystery behind whats going on pretty early in if guessing the right theories and focusing on the wrote questions. However the author still manages to though twists at you even if you did guess right.
A Dystopian Lord of the Flies is what you are getting with the maze runner and while the world building is shaky if only for the lack of explanation of some things this is still a soild read over all B-
Cover: Everyone knows this cover. The green mossy walls of the Maze with the title in a big white font. While its nothing to look at really it gives you a haunting creepy feeling and makes you want to know whats next which is exactly what a cover for a book like this should do B
Rating: YA 13+
Company: Random house
My rating : 4 of 5 While I didn't get many of the answers I wanted and while it may have taken me 7 days to finish...I wouldn't have missed this for the world THANK YOU SARA THE PAGE SAGE! A shout out since she loves this book so much I HAD to know why. And while I don't see this as a best of the best since the world building was shaky I loved the characters. Maybe not up to a wolves of mercy falls level but I was invested in them enough that while I didn't sob my heart out I did care and okay maybe I teared up/cry a little at one part. This is an amazing book and I can't wait to read book two but I'm going to make sure I have another week handy since these are slow paced but it works so well great characters and can't wait to learn more.