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Hunting ground review (Alpha and omega book two)

Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs

Characters &Story: This series just keeps getting better. As always with PB's books there are characters to keep in order which can be tricky more then once its easy to get two of the A name characters confused. The story it's self as with the first book felt lacking for the first twelve pages but then found its groove and pacing. Anna has grown she is a capable woman, omega, wife, mate, she really shows her own. Her relationship with Charles really expands in this one and is shown and explained from both angles. Charles is also shown from both angles as his assassin side comes out his killer side for his father as well as his protectiveness over anna and his deep deep

love and devotion for her.

The plot it's self is rift with mystery that keeps one turning pages, but slowly. Unlike its previous book there's nothing really that makes this book lag or slow in a boredom way quite the opposite. If one reads this slowly its for the rich writing and characters its so everything can be absorbed and gushed over and looked into on a deep level.

The third person writing gives a better overview of the world that is the Mercy Thompson universe it gives better working into the politics, the creatures, and the system of the world as well as a better insight into anna and charles from their view of each other which makes one fall for the characters all the more so. The mystery is slow cooking and works great with the backdrop of a political battle B+


Cover: Dan Dos Santos artworkhowever there is a issue. While it is beautiful and stunning with charles as wolf looking at the reader and anna holding/hugging him a wold bracelet on her wrist and her hair color the way it should. The one catch is her eyes while charles is glowing his wolf gold hers is reflective of that. If she's human here (might be) then there is no real issue but if she is mentally shifted into her wolf then her eyes should be ice blue in color. But that is a very small nitpick to this amazing artwork. B+


Rating: Adult


Company: ACE Fantasy



My rating : 4 of 5 I love this series almost as much as the Mercy tompson series it is just that good. I already explained the time line stuff in its own post so no need to bring it up here. I love the slow burning yet not boring books like this its truly something and engaging. And this time around the sex scene/s didn't throw me off like they did in book one.