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Summing up +anima


anima is a 10 volume manga about half animal children on an adventure . It sounds like a sweet simple story but it's deeper then that in a way. This manga is T for teen which I still think if you hid the rating and gave the first book to a twelve year old and asked them what the rating was they would say E10 or something although later on the implications of a place and one of the characters past's could be to much for a 12 year old. I guess I really don't have much to add to what I have already reviewed so I'll just BP (bullet point) what I noticed (yes I took notes)


  • Each cover is one of the main characters with one of the others in the back and it starts out with whom ever is in back will be in front next book up till book five where they keep it that way but instead of for example corrcoo >husky>nana like it was it went for example husky in front nana in back nana in front husky in back

  • With each book (other then book five) we learn ALL of the characters background stories

  • I wish they had a flashback for husky of what happened though



So thats all I have to say I love this manga series it was perfect and it shows that you can have a sweet kid like T manga that doesn't need to much fighting or high school drama or what have you