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Runaways (v2), Vol. 8: Dead End Kids (Premiere HC)

Runaways, Vol. 8: Dead End Kids - Michael   Ryan, Michael Ryan, Joss Whedon

Runaways vol 8 #25-30 dead end kids


Art: A new artist this time the art is more how you would picture an American comic and yet still tolerable for manga fans although some parts not so much. The style is realistic cartoonish as in you can tell it's cartoony but this doesn't have the same flare as Eric Wight's work. the art work is plain enough that its tolerable for manga fans that has got to count for something B-


Characters: The group is all here and while no one really changes much they do subtly. Victor finds a new love which kinda blows all character growth out of the water, nico is trying to be a better leader and friend again blowing all past character growth out of the water etc. This story is more filler then character development nothing is really big blow it out of the water here character development with them anymore C


Story: For these six comic we have a new writer and only for this issue. Two nitpicks that should be gotten out of the way first. one is there is a picture and things happen and you see this picture again thing is the picture is never explained exactly you know what it means (you'd have to be really out of it to not understand) but you never see the picture taken if what happens is so important and the picture is so impotent WHY do we NOT see it being taken? When did that picture happen? the second thing that should be gotten out of the way is the massive discontinuity between the ending of issue 24 and these issues this is a big stink all over the internet about this. See at the end of issue 24 there is a big shocker moment and the runaways hide out may have been compromised and something of that sort and possibly a fight with a well known super hero. When we jump into this issue however the kids are meeting a man we have never seen or heard of for a business deal that was never brought up ever. The reason for this is switch of writers this writer didn't want to countiue with the last story and wanted to make his own. So with that being said...nothing really happens...or more to the point this is a filler comic a “Add another team member to the group” filler. This story is flat with to much time travel errors then anything. This book is all questions and no answers it's clear the author didn't have a clue about the story at all besides some core knowledge that you can get off of wikipidea. This story is the worst kind of filler that undermines everything that was just done in the last seven books and 36 comic issues. This was heavy padding with no character growth or development or even decent side plots this was just a “lets get a new character” story and once the last page is flipped you look back and ask “what did I just read?” D


Cover: The cover is fabulous and eye catching with chase, nico, molly, lucy in the sky, old lace, xavin and victor highly realistic which makes victor seem hot xavin is his alien self green skin and pointy ears molly is looking back at someone or something and we have the statue of liberty breath taking and amazing no mater what art style you like this is amazing even if you are against this kind of art work B+


Rating: OT for older teens


Company: Marvel


My rating : 3 of 5 hn...uhhhhh those were the first two words out of my mouth after reading this. As other reviews will say it was ok but to much going on and not enough development this was heavy filler with no room for a good story to grow. I was left kinda confused I would give it two stars but I can't bring myself to for some reason I didn't hate this but it felt like the story was trying to hard to be a story and didn't really flow So SPOILER the only thing you'll miss if you skip this one is the addition of klara and thats all kid you not