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Runaways: Homeschooling

Runaways: Homeschooling - Kathyrn Immonen

Runaways Vol 11 #11-14 review



Art: Reading this comic feels more like reading an Ani-manga comic then your topical American comic book (an ani-manga or film comics are comics that have the show images instead of drawn out panels see here ) the motion is fluid and you can feel and see them move as though you were watching a show instead of reading a comic. Even for those of us who can't stand American comics Sara piccalilli's art is something different it isn't like the art of the side story in this volume where it looks like a marvel hard lined super hero comic it has a soft edge almost like a disney movie which is why is more tolerable for manga fans B



Characters: Molly, Karolina, Nico, chase, victor, Klara and Old lace. Molly is a minor (no real age given) who looks about 10 or so depending on the artwork with super human strength she can be a bit annoying but fun too, Karolina is an alien who can make force fields and energy blasts smiler to ryoko in tenchi myou, Nico is a goth witch who can cast spells, chase is a genius when it comes to technology but has no super human or magic ability's compared to the others, Victor is a cyborg with control over electricity, Klara is also a child with unknown ability and Old lace is a dinosaur. Not knowing much about the characters other then that you don't get much of a feel for their personality's as characters. You get a feel for their personality's together ie. The family dynamic very well but not how they act on their own. Molly and karolina are annoying, nico is the only cool one with a motherly sense, chase is just there and victor is an angry guy who has issues klara is forgettable and old lace is pretty cool. Over all the characters can get confusing on who's who and whats what if you are just starting C


Story: Not knowing the full story before hand other then the basic summery will be your downfall if you go straight into # 11 however other then that the story it's self is surprisingly really good not to much emo moments where there not needed, no plot exploitation or talky talk instead of showing it is a nice balanced story. The runaway kids are having their own prom for some reason when all heck breaks lose and they are attacked losing yet another member of the team this blow should have been sad and it was but it didn't have the umf it should have. While confusing at times the story over all was solid and fast. Emotional issues from the past still plague our heros like karolina's guilt over a character leavening when she could have stopped it. While this is understandable why it still has an effect on her if it is to be believed as months have gone by since then it shouldn't be taking such a heavy total on her. the only nit pick being the ending which has “the end..for now” written at the bottom the cliff hanger is nail bitingly good where you want to read the next one just to see what happens and there is no next one the series must have been discounted after 2009 meaning we don't know what happens next and that is the only nitpick B



Cover: This cover is breathtaking and stunning it catches your attention no matter if you are a die hard comic only fan or a die hard manga only fan this cover makes you stop and go “oh this looks good” with a beautiful and mysterious green glow nico up front looking at karolina flying above them Molly and klara to the right with victor and chase (or chase and victor) right behind nico this cover was good enough to get a spot in the cover lust entry at one point A+


Rating: T+ also known as OT


Company: Marvel



My rating : 4 of 5. I liked this story and the artwork suprisingly it was really good even though I normally don't go for anything not manga. The what if story in back's artwork however did turn me off and was very confusing. But the main story was really good and reminded me of WITCH in the ways of the art work. I will say this now seeing as I read this one before reading issue one or even issue ten I had to look up the characters to be able to give you a whose who whats what on that I can promise you that will never happen ever again and this was a one time thing however since linkara also does it when he is unsure of what the comic or characters are or just to give us a history I figured me doing it one time wouldn't hurt. I really don't know why I rated it what I did even though I was confused though out the whole story it was fun and I liked the magic and the kissing and the shirtless boy though he doesn't compare to manga boys