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Runaways, Vol. 7: Live Fast

Runaways, Vol. 7: Live Fast - Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona, Mike Norton

Runaways live fast vol 7 #19-24


Art: Again art shift by the same artist! The art isn't as bad as vol 6 and has gone back to passable. C+


Characters: Chase, Molly, Nico, Victor, old lace, K, and her lover, Chase now has old lace and has gone suicidal on the gang, Molly is trying to act tough and take gerts role, Vicrtor and nico have formed a relationship with each other and xav(k's lover) is trying to adapt to life on earth. The characters have taken a heavy emotional toll this time around and are trying to piece together their lives or destroy them. The characters feel real this time around and it feels more character driven then plot driven the angst is never over done and has just the right balance to make you feel bad for these kids B+


Story: After the hard loss Chase goes suicidal on everyone well ok back up. After a hard loss everyone is trying to cope Nico and victor have became an item and everyone else is adjusting to either life on earth or life with out a teammate. Chase is the one most focused on in this story and grieving the hardest. He then decides to make a deal with the devil his soul for his beloved not just his soul but his very existence which in a way screams season 5 of doctor who when the crack kills rory for the first time. The angst isn't overly done and you can see why chase would want to end his life its not just a random so and so died so I do to he had a messed up upbringing even by runaways standers. This story is done very well other then they tried to tie a “ tolerance to everyone no matter how they look” and “life is worth living” morals in there which kinda messes with the story a tad B+



Cover: This issue has two different covers. One is of molly kicking a truck to protect some ducky's its very cute but it doesn't really give you an idea of the sad story inside the other cover is of chase and old lace chase looks nonchalant and determent about his choice old lace looks like she is ready to kill anyone who gets near him both covers are well done and eye catching but the one with chase really gives you and idea of whats in store B-


Rating: OT for older teens


Company: Marval


My rating : 4 of 5. Is it wrong that I love this story so much because chase wanted to end his life? Yes? Ok then... the other reason I liked it was because now that something big happened and they can't come back at all it's going to be interesting to see where the story goes next with only 6 issues of “season” two left it will be interesting to see where they go with this and not only that but this is the last issue where the writer is the writer we get a new writer for the next 6 issues so lets see where it takes us