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Runaways, Vol. 6: Parental Guidance

Runaways, Vol. 6: Parental Guidance - Brian K. Vaughan

Runaways: parental guidance Vol 6 #13-18


Art: Hideous even by manga standers the proportions of some of the characters looked like bobble heads the artwork was garish and no gust artist to make it better F


Characters: The gang is all here the drama is heighten high. Nico's secret kiss with chase is out, chase and Gertrude well you'll have to read to see. Characters come back and someone dies as well as new characters being introduced the characters here don't really change much personality wise. There relationships are tested and broken but nothing really changed they still acted the same B+


Story: Odd even by doctor who fan's standards but still fun some aspects were very cool and plausible others weren't as forgivable. The first story in here is molly based and it gives you a “what?” factor because last time we left molly she was with the guy in NYC but she's now some how underground? Oh and this is rich an evil teacher who is a mix between Fagin and your usual B list villain turning kids to stone and then...it was a dream? Or was it? The ending of that little story is left open whether it was a dream or not. Other then that little filler the rest of the story is is fast past and someone dies, someone comes back and all that good stuff the drama is amp up to the highest level as well as the action. What can be forgivable is the time traveling related stuff these geeks help get the pride together by accidently bringing a member from the past to their time. While this is forgivable going back 18 months into a flash back is very annoying and confusing once the who's whats when's wheres and why's are out of the way however this story still falls flat like well like a bunch of geeks messing with something they shouldn't mess with while this makes for a nice story these new characters really do nothing to help the story. This story moves the plot forward while also hitting a reset button of sorts the story isn't new or playing up to it's strengths it's just playing around with characters and a story that could be a filler in a way C+Cover: Very scooby-doo with bright flat colors and uber cartoonish group shot of them all hugging each other and it's titled slightly and we see more of the sky then the group shot easiest the weakest cover out of the 11 comic digests D-


Rating: T for Teen


Company: Marvel


My rating : 3 of 5. Another one with two pages missing from the copy. Which of course makes a ruins a vital scene and I might have missed a kiss scene to add to my list all because one page was ripped out! That upset me greatly. The story over all while a tad confusing at first was really well done in the long run there was also a character death which was sad though I didn't cry only because I was missing a page! So idk how that scene ended exactly if it ended where it did or not over all though the story was a tad so so and the art work was horrid ugh it was bad! Really want to see what happens next though