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Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, Book 2)

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

Blood bound review


Characters: Mercy, Adam, a whole pack of werewolves and their mates, a whole seethe of vampires, stefan and many many more. Adult books are packed to the gills with characters at times it can be very confusing but the Mercy Thompson novels try to keep it as clean and straight as possible. Mercy is a tough independent mechanic women in her late 20's early 30s she is tough, smart, and strong caring deeply for her friends no matter the species. This does not make her perfect however and that is what makes her a well written MC she is balanced not to angesty and emo but not perfect. Adam is still the alpha and an amazing GMC to read about the pack, their mates and the politics and ranks within the pack is fascinating although dull at times. The seethe are intimidating and intriguing. Stefan is a vampire among vampires he could mop the floor with edward cullen in the way he lives he is strong, fun to read and interesting how he is treated within the seeth he is no hero by any means but he isn't pure evil like other vampires. The other characters in the book are fun to read about amazing and different you can't go wrong liking one and hating another there is enough characters to love and hate and while you don't have to agree with their actions. Their actions make them who they are these are the "what if characters" the characters that you can say "what if" and place them in a different world and they could stand on their own easily B


Story: The is forgiving in that if it has been 8 months or even longer since you have read book one this story gives you the character introductions again. Although slow at times the story is rich in both vampire and werewolf politics. We sit in on the trial of stefan a friend of mercy's and side character in book one although we were introduced to the seethe in book one the second installment fleshes them out more as well as how the vampires feed and live. Although vampires, magic, and a little something extra take center stage for this installment that doesn't push the werewolves to the back. The werewolves are still very much an impotent aspect of the story showing the relationships between alpha and pack and even "weaker" werwolves within the pack. As well as showing how other creatures can effect werewolves. The story is fast paste leaning on both plot and character to move it along. Although fast past this story isn't as fast as book one it fallows more mystery, dialog, and inner workings of relationships of the character then actual action action. Although the politics can get a little much (in other words very wordy and almost dull)the inner workings of the seethe and pack are intriguing. Adams relationship with mercy and mercy's relationship with the pack is also something to behold while you expect it what happens still throws you for a loop. Part politics part mystery and part fight against time blood bound is a captivating intriguing story B



Cover: Mercy with a rench showing off her cleavage in a red mechanics outfits tiers on her one side and a car jack on her other tattoos over her body and bats hanging from the bottom of the car she is working on. This is an eye popingly amazing cover the only nit picks would be she does not have all those tattoos and does not dress like that at all. the cover is eye catching and the colors bright and entrancing. B-


Rating: Adult


Company: Penguin


My rating :4 of 5. I love this series so much the reason I gave is a 4 out of 5 isn't so much the gore this time around while the gore was detailed it was also less detailed also since this is vampire centered its obvious there is going to be blood involved. the reason is because of all the history and politics that while intriguing seems to wordy and bogs down the story. Mercy's actions as well as Stefan's actions (or inactions) left me puzzled over how I view them similar to gales actions in mockingjay although unlike gale it is hard to hate stefan given everything that has happened to him in this book it's hard to hate him completely he was also never my first favorite anyway and my first favorite (for this series) still holds that position. Over all this book was fun, addictive, and highly enjoyable. My only complaint is one loss out there thread that is left hanging at the end of this story which will hopefully come into play in the next book.