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Mr. penumbra's 24 hour book store

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore -
Mr. penumbra's 24 hour book store
Characters: Clay, Kat, Mat, Neel, and at least a dozen different other characters. Clay is resourceful, Kat is eccentric, smart, a google nerd, Neel a CEO gamer geek, Mat the artist. The characters are colorful and vibrant and unforgettable. While the slow story makes it hard (at first) to connect with characters you do, you really do. These characters make you feel proud to be a geek, a nerd, smart, resourceful and a color of things. These characters hit home they are real they aren't fabricated to stereotypes or to be perfect or good looking or ugly or..or....fake. We all know a Clay the every man we all want to be a kat, a mat, or a neel for sure.
The characters are lively and real and make you want to find a bookstore while walking down the street one night
Story: Have the time to sit and read this. While this isn't a long story (288 pages) the wording is well different. This book, the story, is different. This isn't a story for the casual reader but rather a story for Bibliophiles, Tech/computer nerds, geeks, fanboys, fangirls, Google users, Anyone who has ever worked or plans to work at google, those who like a good mystery. As stated this is not for a casual reader of contemporary or maybe a YA paranormal romance this book is for book devourers the ones who stay up late and can find depth in words.
Mr. Penumbra's 24 hour book store is a book about an out of work college guy who finds this book store late one night and gets a job, a girl, a mystery, and a life changing story to tell. As said the wording is different it's slow and normally that would turn most people off but the way its done tugs at you making you want to keep reading despite the slow climb it then titers and falls and rushes in the middle and then your back to the slow climb again. “Thats boring, thats not for me” Most will think so
But this book will tug at the truest of readers, game addicts, pop culture junkies, if you're one who stays up to read well you'll get it.
Despite the slowness this is a story. This isn't fast paste but it is a thriller, its a slow contemporary with romance and mystery and magic.
This is different
This is Mr. penumbra's 24 hour book store so What do you hope to find among these pages?
Cover: Different isn't just in the pages of this book. Its on the cover too . At first glance its nothing special its Yellow with black font. But a second look a closer look and you see that Yellow are books front back and spine a simple design of books. The black font looks like someone took a sharpie and scrolled MR. PENUMBRA'S 24 HOUR BOOKSTORE A NOVEL BY ROBIN SLOAN on it. That in it of it's self makes it unique and would earn it an A. But then you leave it in the sun or under a light all day and think nothing of it and then bring it back into a dark house a night. And like the pages of the book the cover is just as different at the dead of night you see dear reader this cover glows in the dark. But its not Gimmicky it just fits just like the pages A+
Rating: Adult (possibly new adult?)
Company: Farra, Straus and Giroux
My rating : 4 of 5 The slowness and the fact it took me 12 days to read. However it was worth it. This is a book you need to double your time for to read slowly and diligently because it is worth it. There are so many little things to laugh at so many geek and nerd things that will make book worms and game players laugh this is the apidmy of a perfect book 4 stars and all