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Breaktime - Aidan Chambers
I Read this book back in 2009 I was still very much sheltered and hadn't had much exposer to other forms of writing, “heavy” sex scenes, or the like I had come off of finish the twilight saga and before that harry potter (at least in my mind I didn't have a good reads till october that year so the time between summer 08 and summer 09 when twilight ended and when I gained these books is a gray area of reading). So what makes this book such a 3 star read? Well the book reads like this
Mid way though it enters in some points that I know why they were there but it didn't feel complete, then chapter three was a roller coaster of want and passion then an easy ride come chapter 4. The book is 180 pages its short But it doesn't read like it is. Heavy handed wording, switching from third to first person even with in the same paragraph or two mid way though it felt bogged down. That and the fact that despite dittos age this is easily an older audience book even if I can't see Teens or YA wavering though the words to just get to the (compared to most YA books) heavy ,passionate, beautiful sex scene
The ending also kills it making it feel open ended and a “well then what did I read?” moment dropping the star to a three rating.
Rating: 3 of 5 stars