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Angel Star - Jennifer Murgia

Angel star


Characters: Teagan Mcneel, Garreth adams our heroin and love interest of the story (it says so on the back so not a spoiler) Tea is something different. As soon as a boy comes along she doesn't drop her whole life for him. Though she is smiting with him that is another normal thing. Even her name is something different Tegan how many people are named that? So our lead is a strong willed knows what she wants 17 year old. So what about her man? Garreth isvery different -smiles- He couldbe compared to Sam from shiver and or Edward from twilight. You wouldn't be far off he does share...some similarity with these two such as the protectiveness and sensitivity. But like everything about this book you can't say these two are rip offs of Sam and grace because they have their own “omph” of diffrence that makes them so likeable and their love so...believable (more on that in the story part of the review)



Story: The story is finally one of originality with in the YA world,that being said with only one other angel book that has been read to compare to its hard to say how original, but from the summery for the other books [and that one read] it can clearly be stated that this is a one of a kind story with angels. The story is just that remarkable,breathtaking, thought provoking. The romance was very believable and not your normal “girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, Girl claims he is “the one” only after knowing him for a week to a month” -shakes head- this isn't like that at all in this case the love can be viewed in different ways as both romantic girl meets boy but as also spiritual which is a nice change since unlike many YA couples out there there is no way you can argue that this love doesn't make sense or went too fast. Yes there was that eight day thing but that was a plot device for a different reason then to speed up a romance. Similar to Grace having to find a cure for Sam and it taking four and a half months or so it was a plot device that just weaved into the existing romance and gave it an urgency.

Thats not to say this book doesn't have flaws but they are more nit-picky then anything that would deteriorate from the enjoyability of this book. Some moments and fight scenes were extremely hard to picture this of course happens in other YA books as well so its not that strange and it depends on the reader. Another NP is detail ok we know church, characters, locker colors, other building, car make and color, ok ok good good but what about the heroins house? Her room and the kitchen didn't have much detail in color or where things were. Even a sentence like “my room was pale blue with hard wood floors, the dresser was near the wall to the right...ect” -make an eh gesture- but again nit picky-ness.

This book makes you think that alone should say something about it



Cover: its a eight pointed star! OMGosh! EVILLLLLLLL...-bursts out laughing- no doubt that will make some people question this book since symbols have been questioned for ages and ages. The star makes this book endearing and different just like the words it holds. The font for the title and the placement of everything make this seem almost like a manga cover but with something important this cover holds authority. With its black background and white lettering while the picture looks like someone got a hold of photoshop and just went to town with it. Normal thats a no no, here it makes the star stand out take a double take at the cover and it looks almost like the star is leaping out of the cover and touchable



Rating: Young adult

Company: Lands Atlantic publishing

My rating : 5/5 I didn't even have to think about the rating with this one, heck I emailed the author before I even got past page 108. This is a book that made me think about things I admit some things I didn't fully agree with but that just shows that A. even two people of the same religion can interpret it differently and B. I'm young, nive, and need to quit worrying my head off that people will take this long review as something negative that I can't think what but with..idolization or admiration or something.

Its not its just a book I Really enjoyed so end of story