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Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl
Beautiful Darkness.
Characters: Lena while this is her story she isn't in it much there isn't much to say on her so thats why she is first. Lena changes and changes and fades and comes back but really like all Book two syndromes she's hardly there. Link the best friend side character, you would think being the best friend side character he's just there for the humor and to lighten the book up however he has an arch admittedly you have to balance the plot out to see it properly. Ridley Lena's bad caster cousin another side character you think is there to stir up trouble nothing more but thats not true either. Ridley shows her true colors in fact there is a “After math” chapter all about her. She's gone from secondary character to one of the MC's as Link has. Rid and link may have grown and changed the most but this is Ethan's story. He didn't do what most MC's in book two's do instead of “oh why lena no lena left me” Angst he instead fought he didn't accept he he actually went and did something about it he fought and well you'll have to read the book to find out. As with book one there are many characters some of which have a spoiler on their name but anyway like book one you are given a cast of vibrant amazing characters just enough to keep the plot moving and the reader entertained but not so much that you can't remember the big names when you have to B+
Story: Vibrant setting, amazing characters, easy writing what could possibly be wrong? Actually a few things. Despite this book being 15 pages shorter then book one it dragged more then book one did. At times you were just reading words and visualizing became muddy this happens three times though out the course of the book. The second issue is this is not a book you can pick up two years after reading book one as a lot of stuff from book one is important to remember in book two. Despite that for a second book it holds its own it has the second book syndrome as well as repeating basicly the same plot from book one. The writing is fast and before you know it you've read 100 pages in a day or so kind of fast. The plot is lacking, Lena has been withdrawing from Ethan and eathan goes to find out why realizing that leana still has to be claimed. The last nitpick is it seems it didn't keep how they ended with book one with book two when it comes to lena that could have been the passage of time however. The message in the story is one that you might not realize right off the bat but the message about belonging, identity, guilt, love, is very powerful in this novel
Over all this is a good quick seven day read B
Cover: Like the first this one is stunning black and white the only color being the striking blue title very nice and eye catching and different happily they didn't change the covers half way though and stuck with this theme for all the books B
Rating: YA
Company: Little brown books
My rating : 4 of 5 This book was fantastic I couldn't put it down and when I could it was only because I had been reading 50-70 ish pages straight and was getting burned out. I now have a favorite character in Ridley and I love link as well as well as lena I love the group they are awesome. My only nitpicks is it did lag at times I was reading words but not getting them my other nitpick is that I couldn't remember stuff from book one but that was my own fault and not really the books