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Beyond the Beyond

Beyond the Beyond, Volume 1 - Yoshitomo Watanabe

Beyond the Beyond


Art: Absolutely stunning! The art is amazing normally you be careful with judging a book by its cover however the cover art here is just as the inside pages look soft elegant very hard lined shojo. This is very uique style while reading it kinda feels like watching the Digimon movie in some ways very intresting A+


Characters: Futaba,kiara,belbel, and Virid. Futaba is like any boy in a fantasy setting very easy going happy and carefree Kiara is our magical Oracle power girl like C.C from code geass only much younger very much like kiri from digimon, belbel is the cute sassy sidekick animal and Virid one is a crazy SOG but also very hansome but insane who doesn't care if he lives or dies Virid two (his younger brother) is soft spoken and clam. These are like any characters in a fantasy manga takeing the sterotypical hero, oracle, sidekick, and anti guy and making it their own A


Story: Boy meets girl who falls out of sky, boy has to travel with girl to X. Simple really your simple story and one you would expect from a kids manga but then you see the rating is T similar to +anima there's more then meets the eye. This is a typical adventure story the only flaws would be lack of proper introduction to the world and side plots. By chapter two we have our big main plot of “we have to find kiara's real master and get futaba home” ok thats easy to remember but then out of nowhere we have two character who look a like talking about finding someone and then both of them can live. The execution to this is very well done and would translate well into a anime it would have been better to get our bearings a bit more before introducing the anti-hero but most childrens fantasy does something similar so its hard to complain. Over all while not 100% orginal the story is very unique and attention grabbing you want to read more even though your not sure what is happening its unique and not well known over all a nice fantasy read A


Cover: Stunning! The font is a nice light purple and a cool style we have kiara in her white outfit tinted in pink with that soft shojo look and summing circle symbols behind her and whilst she isn't doing anything exactly this still makes you double take and at least want to look inside A


Rating: T for teen


Company: Tokyopop (bankrupt)



My rating : 5 of 5 I loved this! The art work was amazing and reminded me why I draw in the first place admittedly some things could have been clearer but it wasn't a bad thing this is a manga where you will read it for a good story, characters and or course art more then you will to understand the story exactly. The only other nitpick is there is only four volumes out it is suppst to be a 6 volume series the last book was published in 2007 and book five was canceled and with tokyopop going out to business Idk whether or not this manga will finish as much as I'd love to finish this well I can't bring myself to be left hanging if vol 5 hasn't been realsed yet ( its been three years people) then it might not any time soon


PS. remember what I said about how this would be a cool anime? Seems an anime WAS in the works...and never made it past a promo here