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Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs
Cry wolf
Characters: Charles, anna, Asil, Bran and other characters some familiar some not and some that would be spoiler. Charles Bran's son and enforcer Fans of Mercy will know charles as Sam's brother as well as the werewolf that greeted Mercy when she came to the pack for help in book one. Charles is a gentleman, one with his wolf that he calls “Brother wolf”, kind, caring, tough, and a killer but not of his own accord. Anna is a rare wolf an Omega and Charles mate while she seems timid and more then a bit Bella swan at times she proves herself as tougher then she seems. Asil and old wolf and a new character hunted by his past and past deeds. Bran a character first introduced in Mercy is fleshed out well here while we get a glimpse into why he is the head alpha its delved into much much deeper here. Bran is very much Dean Winchester like here playful and fun but when serious he's scary. The characters while few (eight maybe a bit more) are fleshed out so well everyone has a reason or a back story and besides some glaring examples no one is fully good or pure evil (besides two glaring examples aka the bad guy). Just as loveable, relateable, and realistic as the characters in Mercy Thompson series the characters of the Alpha and omega series will blow you away and make you want more. B+
Story: The writing is exquisite in detail unlike her “Mercy Thompson” Novels Cry wolf is written in third person going back and forth in POV between anna, Charles and other characters. The first few pages or so may confuse readers it feels like you jumped into the middle of a conversation that they decide to only glimpse over while telling you what happened. Reason for this is that the first Three chapters is continuation of what happened from the short story (which is more like officially the first three chapters of the story)”Alpha and omega” so readers just jumping into this one will be confused after the prolog. However that is quickly dismissed as you fall into Charles and anna's world which is actually Mercy's world. While it isn't stated when this part of the story takes place there is mention of Sam moving in with mercy so one could guess that it takes place After moon called. This story is written well enough that it is intriguing it keeps you reading yet at times it goes at a slow enough pace that you only get though perhaps two chapters at a time before putting the book down. While not unputdownable good the story of Charles, anna, a rouge and a twist is a gem that while not to be read while other books are in wait is a good enough trilogy to hold its own if given the time B
Cover: Shiny green, eye catching, the pack of wolves with glowing gold eyes anna looking ferocious and determent a broach/choker and a semi modest outfit with Charles in wolf forum ready to protect her. Like the Mercy Thompson books this cover is perfect it draws the reader in making them want to know more and reading while the five wolves on the cover don't really fit well for the story for the cover they are perfect absolutely stunning A
Rating: Adult
Company: penguin group
My rating : 4 of 5 Originally I was going to set it at 3 I was so certain this would be a three star book the slow pacing, the two unexpected sex scenes that threw me off and made me blush madly with dislike and uneasiness and just sudden wait what? (that and the second one I read in a public place so...yeah) But thinking it over like Really thinking it over...I couldn't I loved the story even though the pacing was to slow for me, loved the characters and the romance (even if I didn't like all parts of the romantic relationship) and like mercy I just couldn't not like this one. (besides all my Bs normally lead up to a 4 star so typing three would have thrown you for a loop and it just felt wrong by the end)