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Divergent  - Veronica Roth

Divergent review

Characters: Beatrice “Tris”, Will, Al, Four, christina, caleb and so many others, Every named character has a purpose even if it's small and even if some characters are not all that fleshed out. Beatrice is a character we can all relate to she is a bit of everything. Tris is a character that is confused but determined she is smart and brave but also still only a teen her narrative voice is clear and strong and she doesn't linger on boys or love for so long that you think you're reading a romance or something Tris is a character you can get behind. Will, Al and Christina are nice side characters the trio of friends sadly they are not explored to much but just enough that you care when something happens to them. Caleb again you learn little about him but he makes a big statement as a side character. Lastly Four, Four is the almost perfect male lead he is mysterious, strong, smart, caring, calculating, but he also has a messed up past and issues he is flawed. That is what makes the characters of Divergent so real so amazing and so believable they are flawed they have issues and fears they want to be free or be themselves but the world is saying no no no these are the characters that could rival that of Katniss, peeta and gale no question A


Story: This story has been raved about online and the top of 2011 lists everywhere and for good good reason. When the choosing ceremony comes to Beatrice an Abnegation girl is sure she knows which of the five factions she wants to be part of. What she couldn't have known is the whirlwind of training, friends, love, family, and secrets that come with it. This is that type of story that when you put it down every cell in your body aches for you to have it in your hands reading it again. The writing is easy and smooth like other YA book before it and that is a good thing the world building is amazing and the way it is presented brings about questions for how we live now. Are we having government, religion, family, and society rule our life? Or do we chose our own way of living? Are we just fallowing what everyone else is doing? If there is to be a nit pick in the world building it is that we don't get to see much of how the other factions operate perhaps that is to come in book two but for a 487 page book it would have been nice to see how the other factions do things even if it was just another character telling tris that would have been something. Like The hunger games and harry potter Divergent does what we love in books mixing Politics and asking questions that can be asked in our own lives.


Divergent is also clean of predictability when you think it is going to go one way it slaps you in the face and says “nope” nothing is predictable and nothing is out right obvious. There is one thing that could be obvious if you read the comments for book two and have epic observation skills then something will be like “oh come on how does she not see that” two chapters in but for the over all plot nothing is predicable and obvious unless Tris figures it out first. Divergent is a unique, fun, fast, adrenaline rush that does not let you go it raises questions as well as heart beats and make you question not only the politics in the book and the book it's self but what is going on in our world is our soicatiy slowly heading into a dystopian world of it's own? Or can we stop it? A


Cover: The cover is stunning with a faction symbol (no spoilers for which one)in fire with wisps of something going though it with the title and then you see Chicago. The title is interesting at first glance online you think its sliver with a tint like when sliver shines but then you get the book in your hands and its not silver its black and white like the candor faction of honesty pretty cool and really out there B


Rating: YA older teens


Company: Harper collins (katherine tegen books actually a branch of the harper collins publishing but harper collins non the less)


My rating : 5 of 5 I love this loved loved loved. Also Ricky my OC was right about four's fear which I'm not going to say here Where to begin? This book is amazing I love four I had a thory about who four was which makes him even cooler because of his name and what it reminds me of which is true and exactly where the author got inspired for the name and the best part is four is Just as cool as the character he was named after. I hate eric he is a scary jerk, Dauntless is basicly reckless goth kids Awesome. I think the other factions are also other “clicks” as well candor are preps, abnegation the highly religions kids, dauntless the goths, amity the hippies and erudite the bookworms obviously at 209 pages in I emailed the author. The reason I started reading this book was because of the tagline “ One choice can transform you” I originally was staying away from this book since it was getting so much hype but that tag line and all the good reviews I was seeing made me decided to try it I always have wanted to change myself and being a worry wort scary paranoid person I thought reading about a girl who ends up in dauntless really stuck with me because thats what I kind of want to be. I love four we are both scared of heights