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Fullmetal alchemist

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Fullmetal alchemist (1-6) Review lit one



The fullmetal alchemist review-lit will actually be broken into three parts (1-6) (7-16) (17-27) which will span over the course of however long it takes me to get to them at the very least it will come down to me reading the last 3 or 5 in January of 2014.


Now for my say on it.


I Had started the manga in April 2011 (my review here: http://ghostofthestill.blogspot.com/2011/04/mr-fullmetal-alchemist.html) But wasn't to keen on finishing it I can't remember if it was due to the length or because the story sounded like it would be not up my alley in upcoming stories (Stupid) But Then A year and ten months later I realized that the story was still buzzing in my head to continue mainly due to the artwork. I'm happy I did the story is rich with deep lessons, a love of family, brilliant characterization, loveable characters, and a complex story that uses simple words, there are mysteries and challenges and military talk but nothing is put in super complex hard to understand terms similar to Library wars in that regard the politics is easy to understand (at least easier to understand then real life).


In six books you really bond with the characters even as new ones are introduced the motives for each character's are really well done each is different and relatable and set them apart from other characters its easy to tell who's who and why they do what, or why they would react to this character this way.

The character dynamics are great thrown in with a story with many plot points mixed in which for now seems not related such as


  • The elric brothers looking for the philosophers stone

  • That scar guy

  • Winry wanting to be a better auto mail macanic

  • The military

  • the civil wars and riots going on


Right now they seem unrelated there are also smaller things with int those bigger plot points. However during all this nothing is confusing or lost its a complex matter with easy to fallow story and relatable character's

Really thats all I have to say about it for now with out spoiling anything.