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Black butler

Black Butler, Volume 1 - Black Butler - Yana Toboso, Tomo Kimura

Kuroshitsuji Black butler by Yana Toboso

Vol 1 and 2


Art: The art work is something very different not your usual “Naruto” boy manga style nor your “shojo-vampire knight-sand chronicles” style either. Sebastian and Ciel are gorgeous and Bishi looking, Dashing and savvy. The detail from the clothing to the gore is very well done you almost want to feel the characters the art work is so vivid.



Characters: Very well thought out and drawn well. It's interesting to be rooting for a demon, as charming as he may be he is still very very deadly (as seen in what he can do with knives and forks) the undertaker is a perv and scary, the grim reaper is well a psycho with a chainsaw All in all the characters are fleshed out really well for only two books


Story: the story's (two in book two and one in book one) are very creative and even alien makes a cameo XD book one is four chapters long with nice premise and introduction to the characters its very witty and makes you want to read more of sebastian Book two has jack the ripper and well this is where the really weird stuff happens all in all the stories are very well put together, funny, dramatic, and there are some amazing action scenes. Nothing is forced it all flows very nicely


Cover: Both covers are simply gorgeous with Sebastian on both covers looking shall I say devilish? Lol, book 2 has an orange tinge in the picture whilst the first one looks more normal. The background is a simple white and the title isn't distracting at all.


Rating: rated OT for older teen because of language, sexual points(hard to explain), and bloody fights,


Company: Yen press

My rating: For book one I give it a five star, book 2 I give a four but only because of the sqwick factor, and some unsettling moments.

Total: 5 out of 5 and a 4 out of 5