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Fullmetal alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 01 - Hiromu Arakawa Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 02 - Hiromu Arakawa


Art: Fantasic, clean, different, This is an anyone's manga as in this doesn't fall into any category of boy manga or girl manga with that the artwork is not clearly shonen but it is in its own way with sharp crisp lines and those heavy ticked off look lines over all fantastic recognizable artwork A


Characters: Edward and Al elric the Elric brothers. Edward is the full metal alchemist he is determent, funny, hates being called any name that suggests small and is dedicated. Al is ed's little brother that is all for now. These characters are well known very well known among the anime community their personality's shine though with each story and everything about the screams unique A+


Story: Three stories four chapters. Edward and Al are on a journey to find the philosophers stone for reasons of their own. They meet fakes and friends and lost people they help when they can and are bluntly honest in other aspects. The first two chapters have a strong religious theme so religious readers (Christian and Catholics) may turn it down but unlike the anime the manga isn't as against God or religion. In this story the brothers meet a girl names Rose who is very faithful whilst Ed is agnostic and states it twice. Rose holds fast to her beliefs until then end where we get this “ What did you do to me? What do I do? What am I suppose to believe in now?” She then asks Ed to tell her what she should do he ten tells her she has to figure that out on her own and keep moving forward pretty powerful message there right? Over all for the first book the stories are fast past and you don't realize your at the last chapter till your there A


Cover: Shiny! Thats unexpected The cover is very hard and metal looking with gears and cogs behind the two main characters Edward (blond haired boy pulling his glover over his automail arm) and Al (the suit of armor) it's very serious looking and shonen like (because it's shiny!)


Rating: T for teen


Company: Viz media

My rating : 5 of 5, as an anime fan and growing up with anime Fullmetal Alchemist is a name you hear repeatedly I decided one day to try the anime which I watched episodes one and two then called it quits because of the “anti-religious” Vibe I was getting off of it. However with my growing fascination with steampunk I was pleasantly surprised to find FMA on the list and decided to give the manga a shot. Wow what a difference. I thought I knew what to expect and was shocked at how different it was from the anime and how less of a anti message and more of a “Do things for yourself” message I got from it.

With that this was a blast I like the artwork and the stories its great now whether I'll stick it out past book two who knows