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Enshadowed  - Kelly Creagh
Characters: Isabel, Varen, Pinfeathers, the nocs and more. As with book one the characterization was unique and different and fit so well. Isabel is determed to find Varen at any cost she loves him dearly. Her time with varen and the dream world has changed her though and those around her have noticed. Varen has changed as well and not for the better his darker side has taken over he is a shadowed of who he is and was and wants to be. Pinfeathers the monster of the night has also changed. The characterization is brief and unlike book one there isn't much to go on as we know these characters by now and anything more said about them is spoilers in this installment. However spoilers or not there is nit picks Isabel attitude though out this mirrors that of most book two syndromes though more in an “Insurgent” type manner then a “new moon” one it still got annoying. The lack of varen similar to book one though even more painful was also a big draw back. Over all while the characters are still amazing and one of a kind they seemed pale imitations of what they were from book one B
Story: This book is a drug but like a drug you forgotten what the effects were till you take it again. Since most people have waited a year and seven months (or sooner if you got an ARC) the details of book one might be a bit rusty as well as the type of writing this is. This isn't the “ suck you into a new world” type story and at first (especially due to such a long break in between books) it feels disjointed and you can't focus on it exactly you feel unconnected with what is going on. But like a waking dream you slip right back into it to the point where if you don't have the book you have a withdrawal and physical symptoms by the end of it. Thats how strong the writing is that you actually have real reactions wether good or bad its rare a book has that much of an impact. Now as for the story its self. Unlike book one where everything is balanced here it doesn't feel quite as balanced the reality and the paranormal are very well balanced. But the characterization, and relationships fall on the wayside due to this. Varen gets as much screen time in this book as he did book one, isabel has changed but not for the better. The real issue is that the side characters feel just that to the side, isabels cheer team, brad, other characters that were in book one get cast off in this making the book seem slower. The summery on goodreads lies for one or rather the summery doesn't match what is in the inside flap of this book. The story is unexpected in more ways then one similar to “insurgent” at times you can't tell whats dream or whats reality the points that made the characters so strong and believable are still there but mere shadows and in some ways more then one. While amazing the story seemed to falter in some areas. Isabel goes to save varen and by the way goodreads makes it sound it sounds like it would start right from the get go instead this is very “Scropio races” lots of build up and while it was good and raised one maybe two more questions and theories it didn't have the same spark as Nevermore did. This book teeters on the edge of book two syndrome yet doesn't quite fall over into “been there done that” territory which is rare this is a different kind of book two that is for sure. B+
Cover: Isabel front and center Varens face looking at her just to her right. The trees lingering over her in gloss similar to the words on book one. What can be said about this cover that hasn't been said or gushed about before? The only nitpick would be the same one as from the cover of book one in that varen needs a lip rig darn it! He has one in the book (as is mentioned many times) thus he should have one on the cover -pouts- but besides that The image is striking and there is a hint of whats to come in the image it's self such as the colors are more muted then in book one that is a giveaway to something but as to what you will have to find out on your own. A
Rating: YA
Company: simon & schuster
My rating : 4 of 5. This book is amazing it truly truly is. With that being said I may have to make a new note in my policy that book twos come with spoilers now. As this was hard to write much on what happens in the book as everything would lead to a spoiler. Now as for the story it's self I loved it I really did however I have the same gripes I had with book one To little of varen and to little of them kissing or being a couple.-spoilers ahead- Also I got a page of notes off this book I really did why? Every thought, Theory, prediction, I had on book one and Varen and parts bout book one were spot on correct almost every single Varen theroy I had was proven true all but one but who knows book three might proven me right on that one now I feel bad about my “Nevermore month” as it proved more spoiler then just good old fun I thought it was -End spoilers-
Also Varen in a black duster. Kelly Creagh are you fallowing me? Thats like my ideal goth guy look right there no kidding. Lastly just who that one character is first of all she is a big bad on supernatural and secondly? Shes someone I incorporated into my Goth boy Ricky's story line way back in 2008 or so way before I knew of this series for sure. Which I made shocked funny histarical faces over when it was revield Over all though I really really really enjoyed this the only other book two in a series that I can almost but not really compare this to is “linger” from the wolves of mercy falls. Many many slow moments, many times you just want to slap someones parental unit upside the head and tell them either whats going on or a string of foul words and like Linger I still really really enjoyed this while it didn't live up to the first book it at least answered my questions and theories and proven them true (at least the big big big one) so while it wasn't perfect and it did lag quite a bit this is one of those where I can't really review it like I want with out spoiling it.
PS. This book will also cause you to speak in not real words and make un-human gibberish sounds though out also before,during, or after finishing you will shake with excitiment, omgosh what the hey, or compelt and utter realization that you have to wait till some unknown time in 2013 for the last book in the series if you find yourself doing any of the above or if the above already happened then just take a deep breath, re read the epiloge of ensdhadowed, and pick out your next book to read carefully as to no disruped your feelings over the cliff hanger. also keeping notes or hidden reminders within chats, blogs, art, or IM conversations is recommended if you have a bad memory