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Glass wings

Glass Wings - Misuzu Asaoka
Glass wings review
Art: The art is stunning and rich, rich fluid lines that are shojo but not soft like vampire knight more like fruits basket shojo. Hard lines but inviting the kind of art that makes you want to flip back and look at a scene again A
Characters: The first set of characters we meet is from Glass wings Hagane, Ruriha, and Tsubaki Hagane is a broken boy who just wants to be loved and finds that love in Ruriha. Ruriha in turn is a girl who has found her perfect some one in Hagane and loves him dearly. Tsubaki is the older woman who has a sick obsession with Hagane and wants him to love her and only her by any means nessary. With the short (100 pages) amount of time you read about them these characters while standing to be fleshed out a bit more were surprisingly well done you really cared for Hangne and Ruriha and feared and hated Tsubaki if given the chance these characters could have been even better but for what you get they are pretty fleshed out
The next set of characters are from Firefly yuinne is a very complex character for such a short amount of pages. He despise what he is and what he “has” to do to live and he rather starve himself then do it he brings up some “Why Does God hate me?” monolog and is basic the woobie of this story the kind of character you want to see at peace in some way and just give a hug. There is a girl and another demon but they are not as detailed beyond hunter bad guy stereotype and female character stereotype
The last characters are from the story Join princess Yura is a brat with a doppelganger who is obsessed with her if the story wasn't so confusing the characters could have been better perhaps. However as it stands the characters in firefly were confusing, flat, and you just didn't care for them all that much.
The characters over all were well done give or take the last pair the first two stories had strong enough characters that are recoverable and if expanded been remarkable B+
Story: The first 100 pages of this manga is a three parter of a story calledGlass wings if fleshed out into its own series Glass wings could have been even better then it was as it stands it was good story. A boy named Hagane finds no point in living and tries to kill himself instead he is found and brought into the care of Tsubaki although care may not be the right word. Hagane then finds and falls in love with Ruriha or she finds him either way they fall in love. If this story was its own series some plot hole-esq questions could be answered such as are they related? What exactly happened to that girl? As well as just some plain old issues with being able to fallow the story. Chapter two and chapter three should have been switched around as it is now they escape but then they are back with tsubaki.. the transition is jarring and confusing. But over all this was a sweet/dark interesting love story that made you want to read more
The next story is called Firefly while it has an open ending it feel more complete as a short story compared to the first one a corpse eating demon and finds a village and spoilers if anymore is said up till the end it was going well then the last page came and it is a face drop and an “oh” it could have ended better on a more solid note but for what it was it wasn't that bad solid plot at least with soild characters and flow.
The last story is Join princess Is about an orphan girl who becomes a scapegoat for this brat named yura and her obsessed lesbian/sisterly love towards yura. The last story was confusing, disconjointed and the weakest of the three nothing about it made you care and it was just weak. Join princess was the worst compared to the other two.
Similar to the characters the first two stories are great wonderful in fact. Glass wings could have been an amazing stand alone. Over all the first two stories make up for the last lack luster story B+
Cover: Drool worthy hot guy spectaculurarly drawn. A Hot guy with red eyes and white/gray hair he is in a light blue shirt with his hands up and bandanged with white wings coming out of his back. The cover over all is very cohesive with the blue over all the jagged font of the title really stands out and brings your eye to the cover over all magnificent B+
Rating: T for teen
Company: Tokyopop(out of business)
My rating : 4 of 5. This would have been the rating anyhow but the last story really made it so. I Loved the first story though I really want to know why it took up so much of the space compared to the last two I think if they wanted to do that they should have made it even and givenFirefly two chapters as well doing away with join princess all together. I Loved Glass wings wow I still think tif given a longer book (Ie. Their own book) and more detail and flipping chapters two and three around it would be a seires I fallow fully it was well done and a good story it was just missing some things here and there. This is the longest review I've written for a manga in a long time I think.