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I Am Here

I Am Here! Omnibus Vol. 01 - 遠山 えま, Ema Tōyama

I am here! Review

Art: Magical sparkly shojouy goodness. The artwork is soft and fluffy and fluid A


Characters: Hikage sumino, hinata, teru. Sumino (they call her by her last name quite often) is a shy quite invisible girl who no one listens to or sees she has a blog, She is loving and brave and fun once she gains some confidence and grows, Hinata is the nice boy who is popular and happy and nice to every one, Teru is his loud mouth equally popular best friend. The characters are like most manga characters they are stereotypes and play off each other very well all except for Sumino. This character feels more real then the other characters her invisibility has been exaggerated a tad (even the teachers forget she is there for example) however her character is the most real. We have all been there the blogger who in real life may be a little too shy, not very outgoing, but with the help of fellow online friends/bloggers we grow in real life and over come real obsticals thats the character Hikage is the one we can all relate to A


Story: Hikage is a quite shy girl who is invisible she does however have a blog and two friends on that blog with their help, the help of a sunflower plant, and the most popular boy in school Hikage learns to bloom and be more confident. While simple and contemporary this story is packed with emotion and will make most readers cry at least once if not twice. The views on bullying, friendship, and loneliness is spot on packed with in 496 pages the raw emotion is incredible. Seeing Hikage go from a frail, lonely, girl to a strong, confident, cheerful one is beautiful. This is a character driven plot where you can't replace them with any other character the story is the way it is because of the characters. Beautiful, charming, heartbreaking with a cliff hanger that will beg you to have book two on hand just to see what happens this is a adorable manga A


Cover:Absolutely stunning with Hikage looking at the reader standing in front of a window with a few of her classmates chatting off to the side there the coloring it half water color esq and half anime with a magical feeling that grabs your eye and makes you want to open the cover to see what the pages hold the cover to vol 2 is even more stunning as seen hereA


Rating: T for teen


Company: Del ray



My rating : 5 of 5 such a short review for such a long manga that is over the thickness of a normal manga. Its just hard to sum this one up in a long detailed review because the story it's self is simple and emotional and made me almost cry (or probably look like I was going to cry to on lookers at the library) though that part is no reason for a short review. I'ts just one of those manga that I knew I had to review but really had nothing to say other then “its emotional” plus I covered a great deal in the character category so perhaps this one time it makes up for it.

This story does transport you though before you know it you look up

and it's hours later and you have to register what is going on because

you were so invested in this manga