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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) -
Insurgent review
Characters: Tris, Four , and a world of factions. The Tris we knew in book one crumbles in this book Tris is more hesitant, suicidal, withdrawn, scared, however unlike Katniss in mockingjay this does not prevent us from seeing the action, drama, and story of the story. While Tris starts out shaken she slowly regains herself and the Tris we grew to love and at times question in book one. Four while a good amount of his secrets are reviled he is still mysterious, guarded, and while still swoon worthy at times unbearable. The characters in the story are still as remeberable as ever or are they? With a bombardment of new characters and some side characters from book one it is at times hard to keep up with who's who unless they were vilely important from book one. Everyone from Tris to Four seem to be at a stand still in this story there is no character growth exactly and some of tris's actions are eye rolling. Yet the characters are surprising trust will be tested, alliances will be made and broken, loyalty will fall into question. The only nit pick with the characters is at times it was hard to keep straight who was who or how or why so and so was there. But as far as characters go you will care for what happens to these characters with every turn of a page, hold of a breath, you will cheer, gasp, cry, and question everything right along with them. B+
Story: The story picks up right where we left our band of misfits from book one, it snow balls from there. Action packed to the point where you will be playing Peeta's “Real or not real” game just to figure out what is going on exactly. Twists, turns, surprises, betrayals and a cliff hanger that will make you beg for 2013 to come faster. Like divergent this story will make you question everything including a question that unknowing to the reader has been placed in their mind since the book one a question that will come back by chapter two of book two as you realize this. That question is what this book is centered around and when that question is answered oh boy will it make you question even more and hope that unlike Mockingjay that book three of this series can pull this off.
This book pulls off what you would expect from a second book you have drama with the couple as well as drama due to outside forces. However Insurgent has done what no other book two in a series has done to date: Stay away from book two syndrome. Thats not to say it isn't there it is but it isn't as prominent till the last seven chapters in a 525 page book that is remarkable it keeps you guessing right when you think it will fall into book two syndrome it takes a sharp right and does something else. Some aspects are eye roll worthy and “noooooo oh no no no!” some are to the point you put the book down because you don't want to read what comes next. But compared to most book two's in a series it doesn't last long enough that it turns you off. In fact just the opposite you want to keep going this book like its first is unputdownable. Everything said about book one applies almost more so to this book you question everything right up to the end when you don't know what to question anymore. While the characters characterization seems to deteriorate in some ways the plot is what keeps you turning pages A
Cover: The amity tree with the leaves swirling around it a green back drop. Looking at it from a fan point of view both Divergent and Insurgent have the same blue and green cover thing going on as the first two books in the wolves of mercy falls series. Below the tree of swirling leaves we see the title and a part of Chicago with the train running to or from the city. Eye catching, memorable, and of course all over the bloggingsphere as Divergent was A
Rating: YA
Company: Harper collins
My rating : 5 of 5. Tris's actions anoyed me to no end at times her “I love him but I'm doing this anyway” or Fours “I love her but obviously don't trust her enough” did get to be a bit much. This on its own combined with lack of moving forward with the characters would normally put this at a four. However what makes this a five star read is the fact that yes while tris and four fought it was never fight > one goes MIA for half the book > mope about it > they are together. The fighting felt legitimate and while it was frustratingly it never got to bella/edward stand point. Tris even finally calls four out on this many times which was an added bonus. I think the only two issues with this is I don't know what to write for the review like mockingjay I was too stunned to really say anything about it lack of characterization and a action packed spoiler filled plot with more answerer then questions that I could play off of as a review kinda leaves it at that. Over all this book was unputdownable, a joy to read, I'm now egraly waiting for book three in 2013