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Lemniscate - Jennifer Murgia

Lemniscate review


Characters: Teagan, garreth, hadrian. Teagan is stubborn, scared, strong, watching her world change before her with out having a say in it doubtful she isn't hermonie, katniss, or bella Teagan is a regular teenage protagonist she deals with every day stuff and then the not so normal everyday stuff but she never feels too one sided on the scale. She doesn't go all Bella emo depressed and inside herself nor does she shut people out or question love she is an equal balance and while you aren't her you can still see your self in a similar situation angels and all. Garreth is absent here and there in the book his personality shifts from loveable to down right patch like (ok a bit better then that) he isn't perfect and all in all this makes him better in it's own way, Hadrian is hot but besides that he is also trying to redeem him self he is self confident and powerful but also sympathetic, protective, and caring in his own way. The side characters shine just as bright as before Ryan, brynn, and others all have there own demons to face and while some of them you realize before teagan does and some are out of left field they still bring something to the story that would be missing with out them. A+


Story: Slipping into this story is easy slipping out not so much this book gives the same feeling as angel start did a warm calming happy feeling washes over you. In many ways this story plays out similarly to crescendo by becca Fitzpatrick the MC is confronted by the queen bee though out the book and your struggling to remember her importance since it was so long since you read book one, something bad happens to the relationship of the MC etc basic formula. Despite some predicable this book isn't like any other book sure it has the book two formula going on but there is something else about it too. Teagan has to face things alone this time around she has to call on some courage, make some realizations and comes full circle as a person, Hadrian shows that he isn't all that bad despite who his brother is and is making amends for the trouble he caused in book one. Garreth is here and there thought out the story while it isn't rationally explained why what happens happens we could always chalk it up to book two syndrome. The thing about this book that sets it apart from all the other YA books out there (except the book that came before it) is that this isn't a paranormal romance not at it's core. Everyone wants to see themselves as the MC wants that fantastic romance but of course know they can't get it because dating a vampire or fallen angel is unrealistic. However the story that Jennifer murgai created is a simple basic one that everyone has either been in or could picture themselves in easily the story is of good and evil light and dark fighting that temptation. Lets face it who of us hasn't been tempted by something? That last slice of cake that hot guy or girl in your class you lust for etc. Thats what teagan's story is really about how to find the light when stuck in the dark. The ending was also open ended and yet it closes it out in such a way you don't need a happily ever after ending to know everything is going to be alright A+


Cover: The 8 on it's side meaning infinite this symbol is impotent to the story as is the number 8 and the number three staring at the cover is looks like nothing special but then you really look at the background and see clouds there is something not only eye catching but magical about this cover B


Rating: YA


Company: Lands atlantic



My rating : 5 of 5.My lights flickered at one point for no reason and my one light which has almost always cast an orange annoying glow in photos is now strong, lighter, a tad brighter and white again magical (till my mom thought I was losing my mind and made me turn it off it was also getting really really hot so that was a good idea) I wanted to give this book a four only for the little flaw of no rational explanation for garreth's change in character but I couldn't I just couldn't. These books fill me with a happy calm that to this day I haven't felt with any other book and in fact forget that these books give me till I pick it up and start reading it. Admittedly I don't agree with her views on Haven and hell but that didn't lessen the morals and guidance seeped though out this book. As of now I have officially read four books about angels(not counting these two) with six books give or taken in my TBR list and so far I have not read one book like this. These books are truly something special. Also Jenifer murgai is a super nice author who I have emailed many many many times thought sometimes I think I should hold back also her last name is easy to spell d^___^b