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Library wars

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 1 - Kiiro Yumi, Hiro Arikawa, Kinami Watabe

Library wars


Art: Surprising, It is clearly shojo but its not “fluffy” as one would expect its more down to earth and solid like a shonen A


Characters: Iku , Dojo, Iku is a determined young woman who gets into fights a lot, is klutzy, and is a bit of a cry baby at times. However she is still one up to most shojo heroins she is tough and knows she wants to make a difference. Dojo is a jerk and sergeant who picks on iku but he also has a softer side that he sometimes shows. Over all really nicely placed and motivated characters with personality B


Story: A manga about the censorship of books? This is a manga adaptation based on light novels of the same name where the government is hunting and banning books they deem unsuitable but luckily the library forces are here to save the books. There's more to it then that this is a political story with humor and good backstory its almost surprising this is a shojo considering that this sort of war story would normally be aimed at boys but non the l see this is a charming and unique story that any dystopian fan would enjoy but also people who hate censorship as well. A


Cover: Excellent despite being a shojo this cover reads more like a shonen with nice rich red and gray with all the main characters in front but they don't looked squished despite the fact that the cover does look “busy” B


Rating: T+

Company: Shojo beat

My rating : 5 of 5, I ate this book up coming right off the heels of Mockingjay this was a nice manga counterpart in a way I hesitate to call this “Dystopian” though since its more like near future. But anyway I really loved this story as you know I hate when other people censor books for others as I've ranted about before again and again so this was perfect for me there was also a nice romance angle and the art work was amazing in some panels of course