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Kieli tom 1 - Yukako Kabei, Shiori Teshirogi

Kieli review

Art: Familiar some how although its probably not the same artist the artwork is similar to that of Danial X and maximum ride must be a yen press thing like shojo manga is to viz or something like that really nice art work all clean with nice black spaces and such A


Characters: Kieli, harvey and the corporal. Kieli is an orphan girl who can see ghosts (with out much of an explanation as to why) Harvey is an undying solider and immortal if you will, and the corporal is a ghost stuck in a radio. These characters are fun and unique..sort of unless you think about it to much then kieli is very similar to the MC from fruits baskets, Harvey to that of any immortal being and the corporal of any sidekick characters. However putting that aside these characters are very colorful, you feel for them and love them and want more of them B


Story: A girl who sees ghosts, a man who can't die, forbidden love, a ghost trapped in a radio and this is only the adaptation in manga form (there is a book) this story would skyrocket in the YA market but thats besides the point with out reading the novel first you can't be sure how this manga is similar or differs if you put aside the fact that this is an adaptation then this isn't a bad story. Kieli can see ghosts her room mate is one one day while walking to the train station they find and meet Harvey and then everything changes for kieli. The story is sweet and amazing although gory at times this is defently for ghost whisperer fans out there as well as paranormal fans. The only nitpick would be they never explain why or how kieli is able to see ghosts however most people would chalk this up as it gets explained more in the book so you can let that slide B


Cover: Kieli looking up at the reader reaching out with the radio in her lap very nice colors almost anime like however nothing that really makes you stop and do a dubble take of “WHOA whats this” C


Rating: OT


Company: yen press

My rating : 4 of 5 ^__^ This story puts a smile on my face it is a bit gory but putting that aside I LOVE this so much it was so fun! And I hope one day the light novles that are being sold by yen press as well get noticed a bit more seeing as the YA market is the perfect nitch for this story