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Sand chronicles 10

Sand Chronicles, Vol. 10 - Hinako Ashihara

Sand chronicles 10


Art: No comment since it hasn't changed since vol 9


Characters: Daigo and his class. His class is very colorful and annoying all at the same time smiler to the story you can't describe these characters B


Story: The final story it's sad to see this end. This story is from Daigo's POV though ann was in it this time at least. As always the story is magical and with a moral it also shows how daigo's life is now and what happened with ann's accident. You can't describe this story its one you need to experience and the morals...the message... the meaning is life changing A+


Cover: beautiful pastel colors Anne and diago ready to get married? With leaves falling down A+


Rating: OT for older teens

Company: Shojo beat

My rating : 5 of 5 I love this series and learned a lot about myself though this series and I'm sad to see it go but thats why I bought it so I can re read and revisit it over and over when I need it I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to a friend or someone looking to find a manga for bravery, leting the past go, holding on, and living life