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Tegami Bachi Letter bee review

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, Volume 1 - Hiroyuki Asada
Tegami Bachi Letter bee review
Art: Typical shonen but in a good way. Crisp clean lines amazing black and white and action scenes very well done B
Characters: Gauche, Lag, Roda, Niche, Gauche is a Letter bee the strong silent detached type with his friend and partner only going around delivering letters, Roda is his partner a Dog of some kind, Lag the protagonist of the series for those of you who may think its the cool, suvvy gauche its not its lag. When readers are first introduced to Lag he is a bratty annoying seven year old but by chapter two five years have past and while still annoying (due to his introduction) he isn't as bad at twelve years old. Lastly Niche a mysterious girl who looks like that vampire girl from “Dance in the Vampire bund”. While Gauche will gain many fangirls, Lag will get on some readers nerves, and Niche gets added to the list of “Kick butt heroines” the characters over all are unique, creative, loveable (give or take) over all forgettable characters in a very different story line A
Story: A Fantasy world where the world is divided in to cascet systems and the simple Mail person has become what is known as a letter bee, some letters are more then simple pieces of paper however. Lets get this out of the way first this is a “I want to be!” shonen in this case a Letter bee so he can X. Now that that is out of the way in truth you don't even see it as such you don't see it as “-groan- now I have to get though 59 books with no real plot” its a journey that you want to see though. This story is straight up magical from the first page to the last although the world may be a bit complex even silly at times (Broccoli forest? Really manga? Really?) it is a fun adventure comic. The action is great and intense the world of a letter bee is intriguing and mystical. The only down fall is the complexity while the caste system isn't that complex (middle- power, outer ring-middle class- outter outter ring-poor) the ability of a letter bee and the power of “Heart” is very confusing to the point a reader would give up and just enjoy the action. The world in this story is fun, fasinating and fast past with engaging characters, stunning artwork, gorgeous covers, and stunning story how could you go wrong? A
Cover: Gorgeous! Absolutly stunning! These covers are so awe inspiring. Every cover is amazingly done and colored and detailed they are so eye catching to the point one would want one as a poster the only question would be what one? -sigh- For this vol we have Lag up front with tears in his eyes and Gauche, and Roda in the back ground gun in hand the purple is so vivid and well done its hard to not notice this one its not all dark and gritty nor is it in your face. This cover is like a painting with subdue coloring and rich work A+
Rating: T for teen
Company: Shonen jump
My rating : 5 of 5. Looking it over the only issues I had were that it wasn't about Gauche, Lag was annoying, and the “heart” thing confused me. However I had an online friend explain the heart thing so it makes much more sense now and the other two things I think I'll get over. But those are just my nit picks none of which hinder the story at all so it gets a perfect score because I couldn't find a flaw with it other wise and yes I am so continuing with this series