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The bliss

The Bliss (Angel Star Prequel) - Jennifer Murgia
The bliss Review

Characters & Story: The Bliss is a prequel to "Angel star" and "lemniscate" by Jennifer Murgia as such its best to read this story after angel star but before Lemniscate it will make things in lemniscate even better though perhaps spoilerish. The characters in the bliss were highly well done this being a prequel they weren't fleshed out as much as just..more fleshed out based on what you already know from previous books. Lucifier his story unchanging from the bible just altered to make more sense from a story tellers POV, hadrian was more understandable in why he did what he did in books one and two more like a peek on who he is more then anything else, Vayne and talan were great additions although it would have been better if they were explored more. Vayne has a interesting personality that could have been played with same with talan and when he becomes a full death angel etc. As far as story goes this story sucks you in its relatively short being a novella and an ebook this isn't a story with depth and plot more a character piece looking in to the characters the plot that it does give is short and well done more connecting mysteries from the last two books and finishing a world while also expanding it. Over all very well done and something everyone should read after reading the first two books A
Cover: At first it seems random while beautiful but while reading the book it makes much more sense and is even more beautiful the bright red and the "shooting star" was amazingly done and eye catching as well as symbolic for such a short story A
Rating: Young adult
Company: Lands Atlantic publishing
My rating : 5/5 really it should be a four but once I REALLY sat down and read it? 5 out of 5 easy this answerer a lot of questions I didn't even know I was asking and while reading it. I'm Kathleen Kennedy I'm the creator of talan I'm VERY pleased with him in this everything was very in character for him and nothing felt forced for his personality. My only complent was that he wasn't explored a bit more same with Vayne I feel like there could have been more done with them BUT I'm still happy with the amount of screen time Talan got I was worried he would only show up once or be mentioned and never brought up so on that note I'm very pleased with it all Thank you Jennifer murgai for giving me this chance and for giving one of my characters this chance :)Vayne as well while I'm not her creator I feel like she could have been explored a bit more. But over all I'm very happy with the book and my only compliant was that it was too short.