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The day before

The Day Before - Lisa Schroeder

The day before



Characters: Cade, amber. Cade is like sam from the wolves of mercy falls in all but eye color even in his fear in a way. Cade isn't just “the boy” character cade is carefree and lovable he makes friends with a girl and falls in love with her in the course of twelve hours or so. Amber is trying to escape her problems and instead learns to face them with the help of an angel in a way. These characters connect and you feel just as connected to them they are as alive as any other character in a traditional YA book B


Story: While running away from their problems Amber and cade find each other. This is a great read as always emotional and heartfelt the day before isn't just about the characters problems anyone can related to wanting that “one day” that one day away from everything a way to reinvent yourself while still staying true to yourself a day where you meet a stranger and click. A day where the world doesn't feel so big.

This is a basic story about facing fears and finding one's self all in the course of 24 hours anything can happen and change. Really there isn't all that much to say this was a fun quick summer read that will make you want to take that one day A


Cover: A girl in grass looking at you upside down despite the obvious of there are to many girl face shots on YA books this cover is well done the girl looks like she is looking into your soul asking “yeah” or “what do you want?” the cover is just as haunting as the story inside B


Rating: YA


Company: simon pulse



My rating : 5 of 5 I was dry crying by the end of this (you know where you know your suppose to cry but nothing is happening but your still shaking and feeling overwhelmed and sad?) Reading this I thought “Cade is like sam” I also thought you should never read this back to back with “Forever” because two overwhelmingly bitter sweet books in a row can't be good for your emotional health. Other then that I'm sorry for the lack of review this is one of those books that I couldn't put into words why I liked it or why I bought it with out saying I. I loved this story I saw myself in amber a little I saw myself wanting to get away though for different reasons I bought this book because I've read her other work and knew I couldn't go wrong buying this and for once I was right.

I now want to flip a coin, I want to play the 4 truths and a lie game I want to guess taffy and jelly bean flavors