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The Earl and the fairy

The Earl and The Fairy, Vol. 01 - Ayuko, Mizue Tani
Art: This isn't just shojo this truly is a work of art. The style is shojo but not kiddy shojo this is mature strapping bish and beautiful women soft and delicate and stunning the artwork alone will draw you in and keep you there A+
Characters: Lydia, Edger, Raven, Ermine, The character first off are highly beautiful the men and the women alike. Now that that is out of the way Lydia is a fairy doctor who can see and speak to fairies and knows much about them she is kind hearted and way to trusting but also careful though only when she is to far in. Edger is a minuplater, a bad guy, charming, hot, and protective Raven and Ermine are both mysterious in their own way Raven most of all he is dark skinned, quite, and protective over Edger. These characters are deep in level you know you should hate and fear Edger and his group but you can't bring yourself too. Edger is complex, Lydia a bit to damsel in distress and Raven and Ermine are deadly. Over all the characters as well as the artwork make this worth the read and while we get more story then true blooming characterization it is only book one and the characterization and groth will come A
Story: Lydia is a fairy doctor who while on her way to londen is abducted, she then lands herself a job and then its bonnie and Clyde style from there. This story parallels similarity to Clockwork angel. Massive however its done much better here and you are in fact inmursed in the story more. this story has abduction, fairies, hot guys, mysteries, a treasure hunt, and that whole “this guy is actually this guy” fun. While the story has been done in some form somewhere this still feels fresh and exciting and makes you want more by the time its over A
Cover: Jaw droopingly stunning soft colored and beautiful with Lydia and Edger the art speaks for it's self this is truly a work of art A+
Rating: T for teen
Company: Viz midea/ Shojo beat
My rating : 5 of 5 I Loved this manga! LOVED I want more NOW people! “but ghost if you loved it so much why didn't you write mooorrreeee on the story part of the review?” because I honestly have nothing coherent to say about the story this is a spoiler story in that if you write anything bad or good on one little thing you run the risk of ruining it for first time readers and while you run a risk of that for every book or manga someone reviews this is a chain of events story where something happens then there is a counter trigger that is a spoiler and then it keeps going in other words mystery manga, sherlock like mystery manga to put it bluntly READ IT if for the art work if nothing else