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The ghosts of ashbury high

The Ghosts of Ashbury High - Jaclyn Moriarty

The Ghosts of Ashbury high





Characters: These characters (save for Riley and amelia) are all from Jacly moriarty's other books as this takes place in yr 12. Emily, cass, lyd and a few others 6 in total. One character named toby is ANNOYING!( for the first part come part 3 and four he is likeable but not up to Riley likeable) You just want him to shut up so you can read riley's POV and in all honest Riley and amelia are the only interesting characters though after page 136 lydia does get more creative and less spoiled brat still the only reason for that is because she is speaking of R and A. Again this is only till part 2 after part one and near the end all the characters are likeable and even emily becomes cool. Riley and Amelia are the real stars here and are so..believable realistic the kind of people you want to know but are scared too.

Spolied, annoying, naïve, jerk, violent, mystery only some of the ways to describe these characters. You feel what t-Riley feels and are begging him to stay with Amelia though out the novel hoping oneday you'll find a romance similer to that..X3


Story: The first 101 or so pages seem like drivel and hard to get though, except anytime Riley narrates ( why this is 101 and 102 pages since he picks up around that time). The book is 408 pages long broken into 4 parts. After part one things start to speed up and Riley gets more narrative and by part 3 and 4 your heart is pounding in suspense and a nauseating feeling creeps over you near the end. The last few pages will have you not wanting to put it down. The story its self is easy to fallow even if you never read the other books (where all characters but Riley and Amelia are from) you can catch on very quickly. Smiler to twilight where we want to learn more about jasper and alice the same applies here to Riley and Amelia their story is so heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time it could give you a heart attack from suspense. It's like those who done it shows where you have 6 or so suspect kids for something bad and at the end they all tell you a smiler story of what happened after the bonded/collided with each other.... this story is indescribable near the end.

B+ (Only because the beginning was lagging)

Cover: Only fault is that shouldn't A and R be in uniform in the cover? Besides that is shows their relationship and the school perfectly with greens and browns it makes you want to grab their hands and yet you see the web...


Rating: Young adult

Company: Scholastic (really? -shock- no really, I had no idea)

My rating : 5 out of 5 originally I was going to give this a four and rant about it but...Riley and Amelia's story..their history, the metaphors, the thought provoking paragrahs, the ending oh the ending! And..it ending on a happy note for all involved lets put it that way some downs but in the grand scheme of things . I'm not going to ruin it but..as a believer in soul mates these two characters made me so happy..