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The hunger games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins

The Hunger games



Characters: Katniss, peeta, Gale, Prim, Rue, and many many more characters All these characters are unique and heartfelt you feel for them and love them. Katniss is a complete 180 of every female protagonist out there (except perhaps Hermione Granger and maximum ride) She hunts, breaks rules, she's independent and loves her family, she's smart and brave, thats not to say she is with out her faults of course but at least she isn't boy crazy her world revolving around one guy and thats her only reason. Peeta isn't dark and brooding he is a bakers son he is there. Gale and Prim are adorable and nicely fleshed out for side characters even if they don't get much screen time in this book and Rue will show you that there's more to katniss then you think. A


Story: Dystopain, Dark, gritty and nothing is sugar coated. Katniss is poor she gets by day to day on what she can hunt then because of a selfless act she is thrown into a kill or be killed brutal violent place for peoples entertainment. This is the greatest Dystopian ever Suzanne Collins shows us this deep and gritty world where kids fight to the death for the rich peoples entertainment, where the poor have to get by on hunting and trading and do what the “Capital” says, she throws no punches no surprises in the ways of the brutality and violence some people have complained about that that this book is too violent and that it gives a bad message to kids funny how those same people aren't saying the same thing about survivor or game show. This story is one of a kind and no other book even comes close to it this is what kids should be reading in school instead of “The giver” because this story is more realistic kids would get this more then a story where there is no color. This story makes you think about everything but most importantly it makes you think about what we consider as “Entertainment” in the world of TV today. The action is intense and out of this world its real, the detail in the setting in so vibrant you can feel the pain, see the area, smell the food. Thats also not so say there isn't romance there is and it's confusing real and the reasons are not based on superficial things like looks or compliments its based on real reasons. A



Cover: Black, Shiny, with the title all in your face with the gold Mockingjay pin with an arrow this cover is practically iconic its perfect A


Rating: YA (14+ perhaps)


Company: Scholastic

My rating : 5 of 5 I originally was never going to read this book “ I hate dystopain, I don't want to get caught up in another phenomenon franchise” but then my mom read the book and told me I had to read it so I gave in and read it. I'm sorry for the incoherent rambling about the story it really is hard to review this story and if like me you didn't want to read it because x factor for get that and READ IT!

I admit there were some moments that were very disturbing. And like Shiver, hush hush, angel star, and a few other books this gives you a satisfied ending the only reason I'm going to continue reading is because I like the writing and characters to much to let them go just yet This is a brilliant book and it ranks right up there with harry potter it doesn't surpass it like Shiver did with Twilight but The hunger games gives us that YA we've been waiting for that can be put up as an equal to harry potter