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The sea of monsters

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series #2) -

The sea of monsters review



Characters: Percy, annabeth, grover, and new characters. Percy is still percy he hasn't really changed much since the last book still makes stupid moves and mistakes but at the same time is coming to terms with who his father is and what that really means. Annabeth is still as smart as ever this time around we learn more about her past and her flaws she seems more well alive and human and you feel for her. Grover was a side character but also a major player you feel for him and feel scared for him and percy. We get introduced to some new characters one of which is tyson. Tyson is like the lenny of this story though much smarter then that in some ways it's kind of hard to feel anything towerds him because he seemes like a throwaway character so you expect that to happen any time during the story. Another character is introduced but that would be spoliers to anyone who hasn't read the book series yet B


Story: Unique and predictably unpredictable Percy and annabeth are back with a new friend tyson. This is a action adventure story with dislikeable jerks, friends, surprises, and twists and turns that you don't see coming. This is a fast past can't put it down story but it felt lacking in some ways you are promised an adventure to save the camp and grover and you get that but in someways it lingered on some sceans that didn't really need to be as long and could have been cut shorter. Some things were introduced which hopefully get explained more as the books go on because they sadly didn't get explained here. The use of the Odyssey story woven in was brilliant and exciting for any of you who have had to have read that in 9thgrade. You also get myths that you may not know of making you want to go and read them just to get a clue of what they are referring too. Nothing more can be said other then this was a fast pase story and a great sequle to the series and makes you want more B+


Cover: very orange and detailed most likely you've seen this (and the other books of this series) cover so many times your sick of it but if you look closer that is a BIG eye looking at grover, percy and annabeth crossing a bridge it is very highly detailed and eye catching (no pun intended..ok maybe a little) B-


Rating: MG


Company: Disney Hyperion books for children



My rating : 4 of 5 Rick riordan is officially one of my favorite authors ever. Just when you think you know where the story is heading just when you think it is same old and predicable it throws all the predictability out the window and hits it with lighting XD I had a blast reading this and couldn't put it down for a second I am warning you all ...NOW: My review of book three on word WILL have spoilers at least for the characters so if you don't want to well be spoiled do not read my book three review till you have read books 1 and 2 (this should be obvius but you would be surprised how many people -myself included- read reviews for every book in a trilogy or series and end up spoiling/ruining it for themselves. Just thought I gave you a warning and I'll give you another one before book three.

The story was action packed and the ending... what twist I did a stupid thing of A. looking at fan art when I wasn't even done with book one and B. reading the first sentence of book three two things that kinda ruined the surprise but made it even better. I'm not going to say why but omgosh it is going to be so HARD to make an original Goth character now and I think I might now have a new fave character though I think I should change my Fave character post list thing to include girls too now because it's so hard to not post some characters (like katniss).

PS. I'm sorry this isn't a long detailed review but really this book isn't a sit down and think about the deeper meaning kind of book this is a quick read book a beach read kind of deal. Nevermore, Shiver, The ghost of ashbury high, and Angel star were all long gush fests because they envoked emotion in me THAT is why this normally isn't the case with 4 star books