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The simple gift

The Simple Gift - Steven Herrick

The simple gift review



Characters: Billy, Old bill, Caitlin. Billy isn't like any other YA character out there he is smart, well read, polite, normal but he wants to get out from his abusive house hold and he does just that. Old bill the hobo is a man who lost everything he is dirty and sad and an alcoholic but underneath all that he's a good guy. Caitlin is a spoiled rich girl who works at McDonald's she falls in love with billy she is caring and sweet and funny. These characters are something else Billy is like a cross between Holden coalfield and Jan from the toll bridge Old bill is likehaymitch from the hunger games trilogy in a way these characters are unforgettable and imaginative and oh so very real A


Story: A story told in verse that would take 4 hours with breaks to read. This is a story for fans of “The catcher in the rye” This is a story about billy who runs away from his life his school, town and abusive father and starts over as a hobo living in an old railway car. This story is powerful and unique and has a bit of everything romance, longing, finding yourself, kindness, the bad words in this book can be over looked easily because of the raw voice of billy and the way caitlin and he love each other and want to break free the ending will have you shell shocked or in tears its a story that takes your breath away in 188 pages a book that can't be reviewed with long lengthy descriptions of who's and whys just simple gushing and praise and a feeling of standing still and being right where your suppose to be or maybe just maybe wanting to hop the nearest train going anywhere A


Cover: A cover with a sunset and billy's feet walking the rails unlike all the black and red or head shot covers we get this cover is a 180 of that its of someone's feet walking at sunset simple. This isn't attention grabbing at first but after a while you can't stop starting at it B


Rating: YA


Company: Simon pulse



My rating : 5 of 5 I LOVED THIS BOOK! Reading this was like reading the Toll bridge all over again is was raw and simple and in verse which made it a quick read. Its written by an Australian author so that is a big part of its charm. I love the cover and have a love of sunsets and books about runaways or kids wanting to branch out and do something with there life it was quick and sweet and sad and raw it just was and I love every moment of it