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The wolf

The Wolf - Steven Herrick
The wolf
Characters: Lucy, Jake, the wolf, and the parents. Lucy is a girl who was dealt a bad hand abusive father, annoying brother, passive mother she is silent, strong, at times meek. Jake has a good life and his one goal is to prove his fathers Wolf is real he is level headed, smart, caring. The wolf is the catalyst for jake as well as lucy. The characters in this are done well you feel for lucy, hate her father, find her brother annoying, love jake. There is a depth with these characters and you can see them as actual people B+
Story: This book will surprise you in that the summery doesn't give you an exact picture of the story and yet it does. This is Lucy's story more then jakes lets make that clear. While jake does get some page time out of the 214 pages lucy narrates 72 times this is her story more then anything. That is the only misleading thing about the summery if you misread it.
The story it's self was good Lucy wants to escape her house hold, jake wants to find the wolf, instead they learn and “find” each other. While the romance is too out of the blue and too quick it is also sweet and understandable. The story is real and raw the only nitpick about it is that peter (Lucy's brother) narrative was stupid, naïve, and will make the reader want to punch him. The second nitpick is that this really is Lucy's story meaning jake felt more like a side character at times then anything else (near the end especially) However over all “The wolf” is a must read for verse novel fans B
Cover: Once you see what it is its not bad. But first impression is that its to dark to see the protagonists on the front. It's a little to dark and plain to really catch anyones eye and only those familiar with Steven Herrick work will seek this out based on title and author alone. The cover isn't much to look at otherwise. C
Rating: YA
Company: Front street
My rating : 4 of 5 This was really enjoyable although I hated peter and his practical worship of his father. There were some bad words in it but I didn't mind much since it is a verse novel while not up to “The gift” Standards “The wolf” is a really good story