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Timeless - Alexandra Monir




Characters: Michele, Phillip, Cassie, Michele is frustrating she is the kind of character you just want to shake and say “GET A GRIP” but she is also creative, smart, forlorn, grieving, moping around, and she just wants to make the most out of her new life she is smack in the middle leaves above bella swan but levels below Katniss or hermononie. Phillip is the love interest he is strong and love michele and music he is hot and amazing and mysterious. Cassie is the BFF character and The side characters of past and present are so colorful there voices come alive before you even realize it these characters make history fun B


Story: Wow. Michele windsor goes to live with her grandparents after a tragic accident happens and it's a whirlwind from there. This story is one of a kind it does start off slow and maybe even predicable. But this is a love story at it's finest holding true to the quote “ if you love them you'll let them go” to the upmost this is not a twilight Bella edward teenage lust kind of relationship this is true love the kind of love some people have or wish they had. This story has a bit of everything Mystery, historical fiction, time travel, some aspects of cont YA, and Romance. Some people especially fans of time travel and Doctor who may question a lot of what happens like why is it that Michele could touch people in her family from the past or why the time travel was inconsistent or why Michele helping people in the past didn't mess up her future or send reapers after her) ect. The romance is sweet innocent and tender although frustrating especially after a big mystery is solved it's almost heart breaking. This novel is well written and very detailed but not so much that you lose interest in it. If you disliked “Through her eyes” then be warned that there are heavy (although it is clearly a coincidence) parallels between the two but then it breaks off and gives us a whole bunch of new different things to be frustrated at.

The ending gives us hope and that big TO BE COUNITUED slapped on the last page means that even if you are content with the story (which wouldn't be hard to believe) that it does in fact continue

Over all the hype is worth it this is a good read especially for those who believe in the word “Soulmates” B+


Cover: Breathtakingly gorgeous with different hues of blues and blue greens Michele on the front cover surrounded by clouds and stars. The cover is simply stunning the model is beautiful and normally the back of the book is the back of the book nothing to talk about which is why this only talks about the covers of books since the back of books is normally plain...not this time if you flip “Timeless” over you get a stunning picture of the moon and stars and a man (Phillip?) silhouetted with trees around him. This is one pf THE best covers even if the girl on the front of a YA book has been used to death this one still shines A+


Rating: YA


Company: Deacorte press (random house)



My rating : 4 of 5 easy this one didn't take me long and I promise there is no switching this to 3 stars this book deserves the four stars. No doubt about it this book is magical and amazing even for people like me who don't like historical fiction can find something to like about this book. I couldn't put it down it was good I was thinking about it when I wasn't reading it and I picked it up and read it before doing anything else in the morning (I haven't had a book like that since Mockingjay) Some things bugged me to no end the relationship between Phillip and michele for instance really got on my nerves at times or the revelation about her father that I knew after chapter ONE and I KNEW something I can't say but point is the fact that it took her till chapter 17-18 to figure it out was annoying. Also the fact that we don't really get a clear idea about him and how he is connected to the key and time travel is annoying This review is over but I'm going to rant about some things in my other blog so yes