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Bone crossed Review

Bone Crossed  - Patricia Briggs

 Bone crossed review



Characters & Story: As always there are more characters then one can count, yet they are not over whelming and each is memorable. Stefen is one character that despite being a major player is only seen a handful of times, He's been beaten, tortured, and sent adrift. He is a vampire calculating, loyal to the upmost, funny, and kind even if he doesn't think so being so guilt ridden. With this much to build up on he should have been present a bit more then he was. However for what is lacking is made up for with great character moments between him and mercy as well as great pop culture references. Despite the lack of Stefan there is enough vampire and vampire politics to keep anyone enthralled. Marsilia and the seethe are back, something within the seethe has changes but marsilia has not cold, cruel, calculating, but not with out reason, showing a side that -like Stefan- could be used against her someday. Although this is a Vampire based book that hardly means Adam and the pack are left out. Alpha Adam, the businessmen man, negotiate, top dog, and lover. He shows many sides depending who he's with as always fighting with Mercy but also giving time to understand her situation, The pack like wise either finds reason to hate her or understand and like her as much as normally they would. Lastly Mercy who has been though trauma, is now having panic attacks at the closeness of Adam and...is handling it in stride. While she is still making mistakes this time around its not just foolishness on her part, while she is still scared she still fights back. What happened in the last book isn't brushed aside and she's all smiles or she is a trembling mess every hour it's a nice blend. She is still tough car fixing, shapeshifting Mercy but dealing with things new to her such as a panic attack. As most of the Mercy Thompson books this is a character driven or plot driven story depending on what is going on.


There are five different plot points in this book woven together some points are clearly character driven, Mercy Getting over what happened to her in the last book is clearly character driven, as is Adam's choice, Both these parts of the story felt removed from the over all plot having a different flow then the over arching plot it's self, It never took away from the story however merely adding to it but it was visible that the flow was different here. The last three points of the plot differ the flow is clearly different but its more then that Arguably Stefan's part in the story could be seen as character driven as it has the same pull as the character driven parts, however it can also be seen as plot driven as well. The Plot driven part's are fast pasted and suspense or action filled although there is some slight bumps and lags here or there but what book doesn't have that. While the book will keep you flipping pages (even against your will when your tiered after reading a lot) about half way though the plot seems formalistic to that of the second book, Stefan in hot water, a crazed vampire, Stefan appearing for reasonable chunks and being missing for just as much, Mercy getting caught up in crazy. While like book two it makes a great read it also feels lacking in spots this however does not damper on the stories awesome ways. Book four is exactly the kind of story that was needed after book three and to see where it goes from here is half the fun. B+




Cover: Dan Dos Santos artwork is some of the best of course. Mercy with a crowbar standing in the rain, the blue shiny background as always nicely done. B


Rating: Adult


Company: ACE fantasy



My rating : 4 of 5. Of course it is. I enjoyed this one so much and it has been quite a while since I read a good good “don't want to put it down” book, I love stefen so much “evil” or no I adore him. Warren as well of course, and the rest of the pack and such. I loved this story Stefen in a suit is funny. The ending I loved the ending and although I hated one part of it but it was probably for the best I can't wait to see what happened next. I also changed the format of the review slightly seeing as this kind of book the characters and plot intertwine and by this point I'd end up rehashing my same old lines over and over I think I'll keep it this way for some books