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Raven boys review

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

Raven boys review

Audio: This is a book that if you can't get into it though normal reading would have to be a must listen to as a second try. Even if your not normally an audio book fan the narration Will Patton will suck you in. First off his voice in of it's self is hypnotizing with a light drawl that makes the story at once feel cozy yet mystical. Second he then does the voices of each character (even the women) distinctively when he is Adam you know he is reading adam, No one could be ronan other then that voice he puts in. Each voice fits the characters, these fictional people. Even during the first few chapters where the story slightly drags there's still something in his voice where you don't mind listening. A


Characters & Story : Lively. As always the characters are realistic every single one of them even background characters have a feel of realism to them. Gandsy smooth talker, the kind of boy who leaves an impression on someones. Blue the sensible girl who decorates her room and dresses as a way to say “hey I'm unique” and she is. Ronan violent explosive the kind of boy moms never want their child dating for fear that he will do something a lot worse then just bed them. But he also has a caring side although its hard to see it unless it has to do with taking care of a someone. Adam the poor boy at a rich school making his way as best he can with the hand he's being given. Noah the boy who blends into the background and is just as quite. Those are only the main five characters with in the book we have six others who are also just as vibe-rent and get just as much screen time. Wielk the teacher at aglenby who hates his life and his job. Blue's family, Adams family, even gandsy and ronan's familys are all colorful, different, and alert.


The story it's self is one over arching plot (the search for glindower), mixed with five interweaving plots, With one boy as the central plot (has a begging, middle, and conclusion to which said point won't be brought up to such a degree in other books). This is not a book you can just sit and automatically get into this story will take some time to get into but once it does you'll fall hard and fast for the characters as this is character driven that is the main hook. Plot wise this is a story about five teens looking for magic, as well as a mysteries woven in. To say anything more would spoil this story however this is very much an adventure, action, well balanced with romance and a character study kind of story. A


Cover: A raven. Of course but its more then that Adam S Doyal's work of swirls and paint edges make it look mystical some how. He is also the cover artist for the paperback of the Scorpio races. His artwork of blues, blacks and one pop of red really makes the cover stand out and fits everything about the story. A+


Rating: YA


Company: Scholastic



My rating : 4 of 5. This isn't the first time I've listened to an audio book but it is the first time I've excitedly wanted to ride in the car for hours just to listen to more. The raven boys is one of Maggie's best. I loved it once I really got into it and I'm so so so happy I gave it another try. I'm now eagerly awaiting “Dream thieves” on audio so I can continue fallowing these amazing characters.

Will patton's voice is now one of my favorites I love how he did Ronan's voice and I love when he had to do two voices at the same time it was brilliantly done. If you love anything written by Maggie you have to give this one at least two tries you won't be disappointed