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Far from You

Far from You - Lisa Schroeder

Far from you review


Characters: Alice a religious, music loving, sad, angry, unsure girl she grows in this novel from a sad depressed angry “no body but my boy friend gets me” character into someone who really sees all the good in her life and treasures it making friends with her stepmom and caring for her half sibling more then she thought she could. She is a loving girlfriend who doesn't give into to her boyfriends wants and speaks her mind A


Story: Change and family and love all kinds of love all summed up in 355 pages of verse. This story is not how the summery describes it's more then that. Alice lost her mother, her father remarried, she has a boyfriend, music, a half sister. The only thing that makes this story stick out is that when her boyfriend wants to have “that” for his birthday she turns him down he respectfully waits and says it's her decision. You really get a feel for these characters and care about them the story is slow paced and yet you can't stop reading. This is a story about change, acceptance, moving on and possibly growing up B


Cover: Similar to “Demon's lexicon” this also has two covers one great the other less so. One is of a girl silhouetted with a light and blue sky behind her with snow flakes breaking it from the title below framing in it a way. The other is of a girl all in white with white hair and wings asleep in the snow that cover would get an a but since it is the other one C


Rating: YA


Company: Simon pulse


My rating : 4 of 5, I admit I rushed though it a bit and I was hooked to it (though it did give me a headache from rushing though it) it was pretty good. I loved the relationship between alice and blaze