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Chasing Brooklyn

Chasing Brooklyn - Lisa Schroeder

Chasing brooklyn review


Characters: Brooklyn,Nico, gabe and lucca, Gabe and lucca are the ghosts and very prominent to the story but not in the ways of character. Brooklyn is an amazing YA female character who is tring to live her life after the death of someone close she is very much like bella from new moon however unlike bella she doesn't mope around for 412 pages instead she try's to pick herself up and move on. Nico is very much like jacob black from new moon again, thought unlike jacob nico doesn't push brooklyn to say or do anything she doesn't want nor does he force himself on her in any way instead he is just the strong friend who is there when she needs him A


Story: “ Now I'm that other girl who's boyfriend died” that little quote from the book really sums half of it up the story is about a girl named brooklyn who's BF lucca died and lucca's best friend gabe dies and how brooklyn and lucca's brother nico handle that. Ava makes a camo from “I heart you you haunt me” A lot of reviews have stated that you don't have to read that first to enjoy this one however it does help to understand who jackson and ava and something that happens between ava and brooklyn, this story was fantastic and had what mrs. schroeder;s other novel was lacking a closer and cliffhanger of sorts the feeling that you know brook will be ok and she is happy but that her story is far from over B+


Cover: Haunting, spellbinding, the colors are mute like on a rainy day the hand print is creepy and brookleyn reaching to touch it is a nice effect however no scene like that ever happens but at least this time the atmosphere is not misleading A+


Rating: Teen fiction


Company: simon pulse


My rating : 5 of 5 I loved it and couldn't put it down till I was near the end I can not wait till lisa schroeders next book coming out in 2011