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Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series #2)

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

Catching fire Review


Characters: Katniss, Gale, Peeta,. Katniss is restless with her new life style and would rather hunt then anything else she is still as much of a firecracker as ever she realizes she may have feelings for Gale and Peeta and has no idea what to make of them. Peeta is just as much devoted to katniss as in book one. Gale gets more screen time and is hot headed, ready for change, determined, devoted to his family, and troubled the world is changing and they know it to a degree A



Story: The games are over and everyone is relatively safe …...or not so much. A year has past since the games and the capital isn't pleased with Katniss at all. Book one gave us a look at what we consider entertainment with hints at roman influence. In this one however we get a full blast of the parallels between the two as well as a look into politics, rebellion, war, and of course that gut feeling of “What? Those !@#$#” and wanting to make a change. As well as questioning famous romances and how we eat it up when in reality it might not be so smooth or even real (Rob Patterson and Kristin Stewart anyone?) but we still love our romances despite the fact that we are not getting the whole story. Book two sets the stage for something big something bigger then big something life changing. The capital is coming down hard on the districts and no one is safe but thats nothing new no one was ever really safe anyway we get a taste of that in book one but it is forced to us head on in this story. Everything changes. There are no words to sum this up other then if book one was dark and gritty then book two will make you cry and possibly make you ill at some point with this heart pounding stomach churning second installment A


Cover: The mockingjay changed colors and is now brown with a red shiny cover shiny B


Rating: YA (14+)


Company: Scholastic



My rating : 5 of 5 I was shaking by then end of this and I was smiling and shocked and wanting more screaming What like I was the doctor or something. I was indecisive oh how to review or rate this or describe the characters or story. It was mind blowing and amazing and wow. Oh teams right...I'm TEAM KATNISS as in what ever she choses I won't be yelling at the book because she chose “wrong” I like both peeta and gale for her HOWEVER I am 100% a Gale fangirl I was sad when I read the first chapter ready to kill some peace keepers in that other chapter and thinking “I wounder what gale would think about that” in that scene yes I'm a Gale fan girl which is why I was squeeing and giddy at the end even though....well my mom gave me a dirty look like I shouldn't have been happy and I shouldn't have but hey -shruggs- but even though I'm a gale fangirl I like her with either one I really can't pick a side and thats new for me